Teen Helpline Brings Hope to those with Substance Abuse

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – Too many young adults in Franklin, OH struggle with substance abuse every day. The vicious cycle of drug and alcohol addiction has long been a major concern. For many years, very little information on drug rehab was available for teens with alcohol and drug dependency issues.  To combat this problem, a new helpline has been established to provide young addicts with a valuable resource to find the proper assistance they need to achieve a sober lifestyle.

By calling the helpline at (732) 945-7844, teens can speak directly with a certified addiction specialist to discuss their addiction issues. Operators are standing by 24/7 to provide valuable information about rehab as well as guidance and support. Young adults can learn about treatment options available at various rehab facilities. Parents can use the helpline to learn more about which treatment centers give their child the best opportunity to overcome a drug or alcohol dependency. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at www.alcoholismtreatment-franklin.com

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide a variety of treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy along with mandatory education programs. The treatments available at rehab centers can help any patient achieve sobriety regardless of their age, gender or social standing. The helpline’s goal is to reduce the rate of teen chemical dependency and to give young adults a place they can turn to for proper help.

About the helpline:

The new helpline in Franklin, OH is designed to provide information on drug and alcohol rehab and inform teens where they can get assistance for their substance abuse. Teens and their parents are encouraged to call (937) 964-7177or visit the helpline’s website at www.alcoholismtreatment-franklin.com

Muslims to Pakistan, Sikhs Go to Khalistan, After Togadia and Giriraj Speeches,Claims Vhp (Usa)

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/22/14 – New York. Cindy Locke. Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders in USA are following Pravin Togadia’s and BJP Giriraj Singh’s, election speeches to garner the support of NRI’s in USA and Canada. VHP (USA) Nalin Shah also included the Sikh NRI’s, during the Vaisakhi celebrations, asking them to leave India and reside in Khalistan “if they are not supporting BJP and Narendra Modi as Prime Minister candidate of BJP”.

Recently in Bhavnagar, the SSP. M.S.Pawar has initiated an investigation into Togadia’s remarks “asking Hindus to not let Muslims buy real estate in areas where Hindus are in a majority”. Election Commission of India has barred Giriraj Singh to campaign, due to his statements of fear mongering “ordering Muslims to go to Pakistan, if they do not Vote for BJP or Modi”.

BJP’s Narendra Modi, tweeted this morning, asking his party leaders to refrain from making such comments, which threaten the fabric of secularism in India. NRI Hindus have gone a step forward, asking NRI Sikhs to leave India, go to Khalistan, if they do not support BJP. NRI Akali Leader Harry Sandhu, condemned Shah’s comments and wants SAD President Sukhbir Badal to speak to Modi “for statements against Sikh NRI’s, residing in USA, Canada, UK and Australia”.

Indian Overseas Congress General Secretary, Sunil Malhotra has sent the documented proof of VHP(USA), to Election Commission of India, for action against VHP Leaders, ” who are inciting racial wars”, outside India, said Malhotra. Leaders of Shiv Sena, had openly claimed expulsion within six months of BJP rule, of Muslims, in Mumbai, during an election rally, addressed by Narendra Modi. IOC President Vikram Bajwa, demands “BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi, should apologize to NRI’s and expel such leaders, who claim his support and are contesting on BJP Tickets”.

Harbir Thind a NRI Lawyer, is of the opinion, since VHP (USA) is a social charitable Org., it should be demanded from IRS, to repeal its no-profit charitable status, in USA. and Canada.

More Women Than Ever on Corporate Boards

Global survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group shows a surge in acceptance of women corporate directors.

LIGHTNING RELEASES: STOCKHOLM, SE (4/23/2014) – Corporations are embracing women as directors and business leaders at an unprecedented rate, recent surveys suggest.

The annual global survey of senior management by Cornerstone International Group shows a marked increase in the number of corporations with female directors as well as growth in the number of women in executive roles. 

“The fastest growth in our latest survey is among women corporate directors,” says Göran Jansson, Marketing Communications Director for Cornerstone International Group.  “Over 65% of respondents have female directors compared with 56% in 2013, the first year we had a majority return.  And we’ve been doing this for nine years.”

Cornerstone International Group is a global retained search and leadership development organization with member-owned offices in 30 countries.  Head offices are in Shanghai, China and here in Atlanta.

“The acceptance of women is more widely seen in management positions,” continues Jansson, who operates four Cornerstone offices in the Nordic countries. “Our latest survey shows that companies without women in a leadership capacity are now fewer than 18% of our respondents.”

You can download the Cornerstone 2014 survey here

Globally, women make up less than 10% of corporate board memberships, according to the Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, but a 2013 study offers reasons for the increasingly warm reception they are receiving.

“We’ve known for some time that companies who have women on their boards have better results,” says Chris Bart, professor of strategic management at De Groote School of Business in Canada. “Our latest studies show that having women on the board is not just the right thing but the smart thing to do.”

Bart found that male directors, 75% of his study, prefer to make decisions using rules and regulations. Female directors are less constrained and tend to see more possible solutions.

“Female directors are more likely to be asking questions than nodding through the proceedings,” says Bart.


Tami Fitzpatrick

Cornerstone International Group

1862  Independence Square

Suite A

Atlanta, GA






Cornerstone International Group is a world leading organization of retained executive search and recruiting specialists.  Members are equity owners of their firms who share business and best practices, giving clients reliable and personal access to highly qualified service both locally and in over 70 locations around the world.  Cornerstone maintains head offices in Shanghai, China and in Atlanta, USA and is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the official body representing retained executive search consulting firms worldwide.. Information on Cornerstone is available through the global website at www.cornerstone-group.com.

Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Established for Addicts in Need of Assistance

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 — The new Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline was recently established for those in Fostoria, OH who need some help finding a reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The helpline can be reached at (419) 492-9234 any time day or night and is an excellent resource for addicts of any age who want to end a dangerous substance abuse problem. Teenagers who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol are encouraged to contact the helpline to find a rehabilitation program which offers the best chance at recovery.

The helpline also has a corresponding website which can be visited at www.alcoholismtreatment-fostoria.com for more information about what addiction is and why getting clean as soon as possible is in everyone’s best interest. Drugs and alcohol may seem like fun, but going through life under the influence is a complete waste. Contact the Fostoria Alcoholism Helpline today and start taking steps towards recovery.

About Fostoria Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Calling (419) 492-9234 as soon as possible is a wonderful idea for any drug or alcohol abuser who is committed to reaching sobriety. The helpline is a fantastic resource for finding the substance abuse rehabilitation center which offers you the best chance at sobriety. Send an email to mail@alcoholismtreatment-fostoria.com to learn more about how a drug and alcohol recovery facility can help you get clean.


How Sprint’s $300K Rebate Fraud Could Have Been Prevented

mice how many in your homeLIGHTNING RELEASES (4/22/2014) – Ever start to find the telltale signs that a mouse has taken up residence somewhere in your house?   Perhaps it has chewed through some packaging in your pantry or gnawed a hole into a wall where no hole previously existed?  Perhaps it has left you other, ummm…indicators of its presence?   The thing about finding and trapping a mouse or other rodent in your home is that it leaves you with an uneasy feeling.   You start to wonder if there are other mice and what effect they might be having on your home.

The very same thing holds true for sales incentive and rebate fraud.  Traditionally, this type of fraud has been very difficult to detect.   In fact, in the old world of 100% paper claims with very little to no scalable auditing capability, many companies came to accept incentive fraud as a cost of doing business.   This no longer needs to be the case.

heng dong sad faceOver the past week, a story on the newswires has caught my eye.   It is the reporting on how a former employee of the telecom giant Sprint is alleged to havebilked the company out of over $300,000 in rebate checks that rightfully belonged to Sprint’s customers. 

Heng Dong allegedly routed the checks to post office boxes that he opened in Queens and Virginia, depositing the proceeds into his own account between 2007 and 2010, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said. 

It sounds as if Sprint handles their own compliance investigations, and the vast amount of fraud was detected only after their team followed up on repeated complaints from a customer who had not received their rebate money.   Sprint showed the rebate as paid and began to have a closer look at the mailing address.   The detection happened from there.

When this story first broke on April 15th of this year, it was estimated that 637 of the checks had been sent to one of six P.O. boxes rented by Dong.  

Free ebook sales incentive fraudThis is where this fraud could have been stopped significantly earlier, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with the strain on customer sentiment that always accompanies missing payment on rebate programs.  

So many sales incentives and rebate programs are still entrenched in the old world of paper mail-ins with insufficient backup documentation and no way of properly validating claims.   With many companies’ annual discretionary marketing spend up in the hundreds of millions of dollars, it is puzzling why there has not yet been a mass move toward digitization.  

Digitizing all claim documents associated with sales incentives and rebate programs solves the major historical obstacle to proper auditing: it makes the vast amount of data manageable.   Full disclosure: I don’t know if Sprint’s rebate programs are digitized, or if they are somehow integrated into the sales process.  What I do know for sure is that digitizing all claim data allows for the automation of a great deal of systemic auditing of claims.   To put it differently: it allows for an address to be flagged well before 637 checks are sent to the same spot.

It’s possible that many companies still believe that the pain of moving from the old way to a digital platform is too great.   I can’t possibly comment on what other rebate processing companies have in the way of onboarding; I know at 360 we make it as simple as possible.   What I can say with authority is that I sleep better at night when I know that the mice can’t get into my house and when they do, I can find them quickly and take appropriate measures.

Haris Khan 360incentivesHaris Khan is the manager of the Risk and Compliance department at 360incentives.com   Connect with Haris on Twitter at @HarisAKhan13 or on LinkedIn here.

I’ll Push You: A 500 Mile Journey Between 2 Best Friends (One in a Wheelchair) Announces Kickstarter Campaign and Benefit Concert to Raise Funds for Documentary Crew Expenses.

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Boise, Idaho– April 22, 2014 I’ll Push You: The story of two lifelong friends, one requiring a wheelchair, and their 500 mile journey across northern Spain has announced a Kickstarter campaign aiming to bridge the funding gap to ensure a documentary crew is able to follow and capture the six week trip, which begins May 29, 2014.

Two years ago Justin Skeesuck watched a PBS Special on The Way of St. James (also called the Camino trail- a 500 mile trek through Northern Spain) and was captivated by the stories of pilgrimage others experienced by taking this historic walk. He casually mentioned to his childhood friend Patrick Gray that he’d like to make the trip someday and Patrick immediately responded with, “I’ll push you.”  Not knowing fully where that pivotal conversation would lead, the dream of completing this unimaginable feat carried Justin through many dark days as he struggled to be everything he inherently was, loving husband, providing father and loyal friend, while continuing to deal with extreme physical challenges few could fathom.

Living life from a wheelchair, with very limited use of his arms and legs, Justin suffers from a rare progressive autoimmune/neuromuscular disease called Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy (called “MAMA” for short). MAMA is similar in nature to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by selectively targeting muscles throughout the body which, for unknown reasons, cease to function properly.

Starting as a “bucket list” dream between two friends, “I’ll Push You” has grown into a nationally supported adventure by friends, family, and various company sponsorships including Nampa based, Bottle Cap Co. (who donated a custom wheelchair built for the terrain and Justin’s comfort), BodyBuilding.com, and Emota, a San Diego based video production company with plans to film this journey for a documentary movie.

Emota has announced a Kickstarter campaign (Project #472780029) to help raise $50,000 to secure bringing a small documentary crew to capture the estimated six week  journey. Terry Parish, co-founder of Emota had this to say about the reason their company wants to be part of I’ll Push You, “When we think about what Patrick will go through to support Justin in this, our hearts are deeply touched. That’s a story of love and friendship. It’s universal. But, too, when we think about Justin’s courage, not just to ask for help, but also to accept it with grace, we see a person who isn’t shying away from his vulnerability. Instead, he embraces it. In doing so, he’s being presented a whole new world. It’s a powerful reminder that if we swallow our pride and accept love and friendship, we can be carried to places we can’t ever get to on our own. That too is universal.”

The “I’ll Push You” team has also announced a benefit concert to be held Saturday, May 3rd at The Bouquet, located at 1010 W. Main St. in downtown Boise. Performers include Fires in France, Sea of Glass, and Michael Gray. Tickets are $10 donation with doors opening at 6 and the concert starting at 8pm.

More information on Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray:

Justin Skeesuck is The Disabled Traveler. He inspires and instructs people with disabilities how to successfully navigate and overcome the many challenges they are faced in their lives and when traveling.

To learn more about Justin, please visit: the-disabled-traveler.com

Patrick Gray is a Program Manager for St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise, Idaho. Simply put, he is Justin’s best friend. He will act as “the pusher” on the 500 mile Camino trek, pushing Justin in his wheelchair from start to finish, up mountains and through valleys. Whatever it takes to complete the journey, Patrick is ready and willing.

For questions and inquiries about the I’ll Push You project, please contact Justin Skeesuck at justin@the-disabled-traveller.com or (619) 277-2585 or find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/illpushyou Twitter @Illpushyou

or on the web at www.illpushyou.com

ProNAi Therapeutics Raises $59.5 Million Series D Financing

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Plymouth, MI—April 21, 2014. ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc., a developer of novel nucleic acid therapeutics, announced the closing of an oversubscribed $59.5 million Series D financing. The round was led by Vivo Capital of Palo Alto, CA and included other new investors Frazier Healthcare Ventures, OrbiMed Advisors, Adams Street Partners, RA Capital Management, Caxton Alternative Management, Hopen Life Science Ventures, Sectoral Asset Management, and Janus Capital Management LLC. Existing investors including Capital Midwest Fund, Apjohn Ventures Fund, Amherst Fund, and Grand Angels also participated in the financing round. For the transaction, Jefferies LLC served as the sole placement agent and Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP served as legal advisor to the company.

“This financing is a transformative milestone in ProNAi’s ten year history, and follows the clinical results recently reported by the company and its clinical investigators. We are pleased to have attracted such an experienced and well regarded group of investors. Their support of this financing will allow us to execute our plans with greater speed and broader reach.” said Mina Sooch MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer of ProNAi. “Since our founding, we have been committed to the development of novel  nucleic acid therapeutics designed to treat various genetically defined diseases, initially in certain cancers, with a proprietary technology we have termed DNAi®. Our lead drug candidate, PNT2258, targets the BCL2 gene. The drug has shown early evidence of systemic anti-tumor effect when administered to patients whose cancers express the BCL2 genetic target. With the PNT2258 formulation, ProNAi has overcome the nucleic acid delivery challenges faced by competitive programs by incorporating our unique single stranded, chemically unmodified DNAi® oligonucleotide into a differentiated lipid delivery system (SMARTICLES®). The combination of genetic specificity with effective IV delivery provides us the opportunity to construct potential therapies with a broad range of targets in oncology and other diseases.”

As part of the Series D financing, Albert Cha, MD, PhD (Vivo Capital), Peter Thompson, MD (OrbiMed Advisors), and James Topper, MD, PhD (Frazier Healthcare Ventures) have joined ProNAi’s board of directors along with current members Chairman Donald Parfet (Apjohn Ventures) and Alvin Vitangcol (Capital Midwest Fund).

“ProNAi is developing a new class of DNAi therapeutics that has demonstrated promising results in lymphoma patients,” said Dr. Albert Cha. “We are excited about the opportunity to move PNT2258 forward and further develop the company’s pipeline.”

The Series D funding will be used to advance PNT2258 in several Phase II clinical studies in patients with relapsed or treatment refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma including those with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL),Richter’s transformation, and follicular lymphoma (FL). Proceeds will also be used to support drug manufacturing, advance development of preclinical drug candidates, and build ProNAi’s organization in Michigan.

About PNT2258

PNT2258 is a 24-base, single-stranded, chemically-unmodified DNA oligonucleotide called PNT100 that is encapsulated in a specialized anionic and pH “tunable” liposome (SMARTICLES® owned by Marina Biotech, Inc. and licensed exclusively to ProNAi solely in the field of DNAi). In preclinical studies the beneficial activity of PNT2258 has been demonstrated as a single agent and in combination with CD20-targeted antibody therapy and other chemotherapeutic agents in a variety of hematological and solid tumor xenograft models. PNT2258 exhibited systemic exposure and cellular uptake, resulting in cell death by modulation of the BCL2 gene. To date, 35 patients have been treated with PNT2258 across the Phase I study (Tolcher AW, et al. 2014 Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 73(2): 363-371) and the pilot Phase II study (Abstract#88, Oral Presentation, Novel Agents in Lymphoma Therapy session, American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, December 2013).

About ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc

ProNAi Therapeutics, founded in 2004 in Michigan, has created a proprietary and differentiated DNA interference (DNAi®) technology. DNAi utilizes single-stranded, unmodified, phosphodiester DNA sequences designed against genomic DNA to modulate gene transcription. Beyond PNT2258, the company has a broad pipeline of DNAi leads for over 40 cancer and non-cancer targets, including CMYC, KRAS, PD-1, Hep B, and other inflammation and rare disease targets. ProNAi’s business strategy is to establish multiple partnerships across its portfolio of DNAi drug candidates. For more information, visit www.pronai.com

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements made in this press release that look forward in time or that express expectations regarding future occurrences or anticipated outcomes or benefits are forward-looking statements. A number of risks and uncertainties, such as risks associated with product development and commercialization efforts, results of clinical trials, ultimate clinical outcomes and market acceptance of the Company’s products to patients, intellectual property protection, and competitive product offerings, could cause actual events to differ from the expectations indicated in these forward-looking statements. As a result, you are cautioned not to put any undue reliance on any forward-looking statement. Except as required by law, the Company assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, which are made as of the date hereof, even if new information becomes available in the future.


Mina Sooch

President & CEO

ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.



Dr. Scott K. Thompson of Thompson Facial Plastics Offers Special on Total Eye Rejuvenation

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/22/14 — Thompson Facial Plastics in SLC, Utah announces a new special on combination eye procedures to rejuvenate the eye area. There are two options for patients in need of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation, both with complimentary procedures and products for maximum results.

The eyes are the most captivating facial feature and in most cases, the first thing people notice upon meeting. Unfortunately, fatty tissue and loose skin can develop underneath the eyelids making them puffy, droopy and/or wrinkled. This is typically due to genetics and aging  and can impact a patients vision. In situations where vision is clearly obstructed, insurance coverage is typically available.

Dr. Scott Thompson is a leader in his field of facial plastic surgery and has helped thousands achieve their aesthetic and functional goals. One commonly performed procedure is a blepharoplasty, which restores firmness around the eye area by repositioning fatty tissue and removing excess skin. Dr. Thompson performs blepharoplasty surgery at a much higher rate than the national average for plastic surgeons and has testimonials from many patients pleased with their results.

Upon initial consultation in-office or via skype, Dr. Thompson is able to determine the level of fatty tissue and loose skin causing a patient’s eyelids to swell and droop. Following the consultation, Dr. Thompson explains how the procedure is performed, how long it will take and provides pre & post-operative care instructions. Many procedures are done in-office under local anesthetic to help with the patients overall cost and discomfort with general anesthetic. 

This months surgical special package includes 24 units of Botox, Latisse , and SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel, Physical Eye UV Defense, & AGE Eye Complex with a blepharoplasty surgery. The non-surgical package includes Latisse, Botox, and eye products with a dermal filler, such as Belotero or Restylane, to address under-eye hallowing (tear trouphs) and/or wrinkle wrinkles around the eyes.

Thompson Facial Plastics has an established reputation for excellent patient care and results. In the words of one of his eyelift patients, “I researched for a long time before I chose Dr. T because I wanted someone with an expertise in the face. I hit the jackpot and couldn’t be happier with the results and the whole experience.” 

Dr. Scott Thompson is dual board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He is known for his natural-looking results and meticulous skill as well as his genuine concern for patient well-being and satisfaction. He practices in three locations and five surgical centers along the Wasatch front in Utah. 

Thompson Facial Plastics offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct and prevent signs of aging and enhance overall beauty. Botox, lip augmentation, and dermal wrinkle fillers are popular non-surgical procedures as well as laser resurfacing, chemical peels.

Branham: Adastra Solid Canadian ICT Services Leader

Toronto, Canada. April 22, 2014. Stable growth fuelled by a solid client base and continued exceptional solution delivery has produced another favourable report on Adastra by the Branham300, a leading research organization of Canada’s Informationand Communications Technology (ICT) companies. A leading Information Management professional services company, Adastra is firmly seated among the Top 250 Canadian Technology companies at #61, having climbed steadily from #86 in 2008, and continues to be recognized among the Top 25 Canadian ICT Professional Services Companies.

“It’s highly validating for us to see Adastra, the leading specialist in Information Management solutions and services, holding our own against much larger and less focused organizations. This result proves that concentrating our efforts around delivering the best possible Information Management to our clients, and leading the way in innovative solutions in areas such as Big Data, continues to be the right strategy,” said Darren Edery, CEO of Adastra Canada.

Thank you to all our clients and partners for your continued support. We look forward to many years of successful solutions to come.

About Adastra Corporation

Adastra provides world-class Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Governance and Master Data Management services and solutions to leading companies around the globe. Leveraging twenty years of experience across industries and technologies, Adastra bridges the gap between pressing business needs and technology consulting to protect existing investments and extend and unlock their business value. Intelligent solutions for superior performance.  For more information, please visit www.adastracorp.com

About Branham Group Inc.

Branham Group Inc. is a leading industry analyst and strategic marketing company servicing the global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) marketplace. Branham Group assists ICT Technology companies and related institutions in achieving market success through its custom consulting services (Planning, Marketing and Partnering), and through its multi-client research subscription programs (Digital Health, Green IT and Cloud). Branham produces an annual listing of the top ICT companies in Canada (www.branham300.com)

Barnaby Clunie
Adastra Corporation
Twitter:  @adastracorp

The Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Offers Guidance to Addicts in Conneaut

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – Young adults in Conneaut, OH are often confronted with pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Plenty of choose to give into the pressure and that can open the door for addiction and substance abuse. When that occurs, where is an adolescent supposed to go to get reliable help for their substance abuse in Conneaut, OH?

Thankfully the new Conneaut Alcohol Treatment Helpline was established as a resource for teenagers who need assistance overcoming a significant drug or alcohol problem. The helpline can be reached at (440) 565-2273 any time day or night for those who want to find a reliable treatment and rehab center. There is also a corresponding website at www.alcoholismtreatment-conneaut.com which contains more information about all the wonderful treatment options at various substance abuse treatment facilities.

Teenagers are at an important stage in their lives and getting clean from drugs and alcohol should be a top priority for anyone who wants to start living life free from substance abuse. Call today!

About Conneaut Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Calling (440) 565-2273 as soon as possible is a great idea for any adolescent who needs a little extra help overcoming substance abuse once and for all. You can also send an email to mail@alcoholismtreatment-conneaut.com for more information.