Alloro Collection Salutes Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Founder Created Line of Clothing Designed for Women Treated for Breast Cancer

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Alloro Collection – the only fashion line of clothing especially designed for women who’ve had breast cancer treatments but beautiful on all women – will mark the month with a series of trunk shows in Connecticut and the Chicago area.  Alloro has pledged 25% of profits from all sales to the Prevent Cancer Foundation to support breast cancer research and underserved women.  All proceeds from the Connecticut events will be donated to support two local hospitals’ breast cancer programs.

Kamen, a former executive at American Express Company for more than 30 years, first envisioned Alloro on the eve of her breast cancer surgery in 2011 after being unable to find comfortable clothing that was also chic and sophisticated.

She consulted with her best friend, artist and Wall Street veteran Christine Irvin, and they decided to launch the Alloro Collection, which had its opening fashion show in Washington, D.C. last year.

“Every month should be breast cancer awareness month,” says Kamen, “but the special focus in October is important because heightened awareness can save lives.” 

Media outlets across the country including Women’s Wear Daily, The Washington Post, and CBS have reported on the Alloro story.  The stylish collection of tops, dresses, jackets and accessories incorporates 20 specific design elements to accommodate the challenges women face as they recover from surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. The collection was designed following intensive research and scores of conversations with fellow patients, oncologists and surgeons.

Since the launch, Alloro’s co-founders have traversed the country, putting on fashion and trunk shows and raising awareness for breast cancer.  The collection is also sold online at

For additional information or to arrange interviews with the founders contact Dale Leibach at or Dana Doran at, (202) 207-3650.

Get Free Dryer Duct Cleaning Service in Union, NJ

NJ Duct Cleaning is now offering free dryer duct cleaning for customers who order house duct cleaning services in Union, NJ

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – It’s one of the leading causes of home fires in New Jersey. Each year countless fires are caused by accumulated lint and debris which can turn homes quickly into an inferno. Each fire costs homeowners in the Garden State thousands of dollars and devastation. Removing lint from your dryer isn’t enough to keep your home safe. It’s highly recommended for homeowners to clean their dryer ducts annually. NJ Duct Cleaning is now offering homeowners free dryer duct cleaning for customers who order house duct cleaning services in Union, NJ. The deal allows customers to save $79.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, simply visit NJ Duct Cleaning’s website at and print out the coupon near the bottom of the screen. This great offer is valid through November 30. Customers must present the coupon at the time of service.

The professionals at NJ Duct Cleaning can provide air duct cleaning services and air quality tests in Union, NJ for a variety of different HVAC makes and models. By keeping air ducts clean, homeowners can enjoy living in an environment with cleaner air, free of pollutants and contaminants. It not only increases the quality of indoor air, it also enables your HVAC system to work more efficiently, which can help save homeowners money on their energy bills. To learn more about the benefits of air duct cleaning, contact NJ Duct Cleaning free today at (973) 337-2444.

About NJ Duct Cleaning:

The indoor air specialists at NJ Duct Cleaning provide dependable and complete air duct cleaning services in Union, NJ and throughout the state. Since 1991, the company has been New Jersey’s trusted source for customers to keep the air quality in their home clean and safe. To learn more, call (973) 337-2444 or visit them online at for more information.

Car Repair Shop in Margate, FL Now Offers Diesel Transmission Service

Red Line Transmissions now provides diesel transmission repair and service for trucks and high performance vehicles in Margate, FL

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – More people in South Florida who are serious about trucks and high performance cars are now turning to diesel engines over vehicles with traditional gas burning engines. Diesel engines offer two distinct advantages—more power and greater efficiency. Finding qualified mechanics for diesel transmission service in Margate, FL is now easier by visiting the certified professional mechanics at Red Line Transmissions. This auto shop specializes in providing the following services:

  • Transmission repair
  • Hot rod repair
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Diesel transmission

Diesel engines use no spark plugs or distributors. To properly repair and maintain diesel transmissions, it takes highly-skilled and experienced mechanics who understand how these engines function. In addition diesel vehicles, the professionals at Red Line Transmission can also repair manual and automatic transmissions in Margate. High performance truck and car owners not only expect more from their vehicles, they also demand more from their mechanics and transmission service. For the highest level of diesel transmission service and car repair in Margate, visit Red Line Transmissions today.

About Red Line Transmissions:

Located at 707 N. State Road 7 in Margate, FL, Red Line Transmissions is a full-service auto shop which specializes in providing transmission service, hot rod repair, transmission rebuilds and diesel transmission for high-performance vehicles as well as classic and customized cars. To learn more, call (954) 946-6551 or visit them online at

Fort Lauderdale Realtor Offers Property Watch Feature on Website

Les Waites Keyes Realty, a leader in intracoastal real estate for Fort Lauderdale, is encouraging people to sign up for the Property Watch feature of their website to make the home-buying process more convenient.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – Les Waites, an experienced luxury real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, is encouraging clients to utilize a helpful and informative website feature which can make it easier to find your dream property on the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Called Property Watch, the feature allows clients to sign up for a Keyes Realty account for informative emails about new listings in the area and much more.

The Property Watch feature provides those looking for Fort Lauderdale real estate with:

  • Access to property addresses for all Les Waites’ listings
  • Email notifications of new listings
  • Access to listing flyers, area maps and street maps if available
  • Saved searches with your criteria
  • A favorite property folder on the site

By visiting the Les Waites Keyes Realty Fort Lauderdale Realtor website, anyone can sign up for the Property Watch feature by filling out the easy to navigate registration form. Registration does not cost anything and those who do will have unprecedented access to all of the wonderful Intracoastal Waterway properties and more for sale through Les Waites Keyes Realty. Returning users simply login at the top of the Property Watch page to access their account.

Finding your dream home in Fort Lauderdale is much easier when you work with a professional Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate agent with helpful tools like the Property Watch feature. Call Les Waites today at (954) 687-5160 or send an email to for more information.

About Les Waites Keyes Realty:

Les Waites Keyes Realty is a leader in Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate and Intracoastal Waterway property. If you’re looking to purchase real estate in Fort Lauderdale, check out the listings offered by Les Waites Keyes Realty today. Call (954) 687-5160 or contact them via email at to learn more.

Hollywood Roofer Now Offers Waterproofing Services for Roofs

J&K Roofing Inc. now provides waterproofing services along with residential and commercial roofing in Hollywood, FL

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – The 2014 rainy season has been one of the wettest in recent South Florida history. If it seem like it rains just about every day in Hollywood, FL, you’re correct. Constant rain and exposure to South Florida’s heat and humidity can cause significant damage to your roofing materials. Whether your home has tile, shingle, metal or gravel roofs, the roofing experts at J&K Roofing Inc. can help protect your property with waterproofing services.

A new roof is typically water resistant. But over the course of time, the harsh conditions of South Florida’s heat, humidity and rain can cause wear and tear. The roofing professionals at J&K Roofing Inc. can apply special coatings to form a protective barrier on any type of roof. This enables your roofing materials to remain strong, sturdy and most importantly prevents the penetration of water.

In addition to waterproofing, the professionals at J&K Roofing Inc. can also provide roof restoration, repair and maintenance. The contractors at J&K Roofing Inc. have been the industry leaders in Hollywood for more than 30 years. To learn more on how a Hollywood roofer can as assist with your home project or repairs, call the roofing experts at J&K Roofing Inc. today at (954) 961-9879.

About J&K Roofing Inc.

For more than 30 years, J&K Roofing Inc. has provided quality residential and commercial roofing repair in Hollywood, FL. The company was recently the recipient of the 2013 Super Service Award from Angie’s List. For more information, call (954) 961-9879 or visit them online at their Hollywood roofing contractor website for more information.

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Institute Joins Fight against Breast Cancer

Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in Fort Lauderdale is participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on October 11, 2014 and is looking for sponsors.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – The staff at Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology is excited to participate in this year’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk held on Saturday, October 11th at Huizenga Park on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The walk is one of the largest in Broward County promoting breast cancer research and support.

Walking under the name “SHINO BAY ANGELS”, the team goal is to raise $1000 for breast cancer research. Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology will also donate $50 to the American Cancer Society for each patient who visits the office for Signature Treatment during breast cancer awareness month.

The staff at Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology is particularly motivated to raise money for the cure as the head medical assistant at the office is a breast cancer survivor. By visiting you can learn more about the walk and sponsor the SHINO BAY ANGELS to help them reach their goal.

According the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, making it the most common form of cancer among women. With your help and support, we can take strides towards a cure. Please visit Dr. Aguilera’s Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dermatology website for more information about the practice and signature treatment options.

About Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute:

Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute features the most advanced technologies and treatment protocols for natural looking results every time. Shino Bay offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by their certified team of doctors and associates. Call Shino Bay Cosmetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute today at (954) 765-3005 or visit their location at 350 East Las Olas Blvd Suite #110-120 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

IT Services Provider in Coconut Creek Now Installs SmartStyle Cloud Computing

Farnes Computer Systems now provides SmartStyle cloud computing system as part of its IT services in Coconut Creek, FL.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/1/2014) – Technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace. What was relevant five years ago can be obsolete today. Today’s computer systems are far more sophisticated than ever before. To help store and utilize more data safely, more companies are now relying on SmartStyle cloud computing. It allows more bandwidth, faster support and lower costs. Farnes Computer Systems provides the latest IT services in Coconut Creek. Their computer professionals can help install and maintain cloud services and storage with the grounded security of your firewall. By installing SmartStyle cloud computing, companies receive the following benefits.

  • Receive support for you entire IT infrastructure
  • Build new or replace old infrastructure
  • Receive round the clock support from expert technicians
  • Receive additional storage and storage for predictable monthly costs.

More companies are turning to Farnes Computer Systems for their business IT services in Coconut Creek. Founded originally in 1991, the computer technicians at Farnes stay up to date on the latest trends in computer technology. Farnes Computer Systems is one of the few companies in South Florida which can merge both Apple and PC server platforms. The company also offers a 24/7 help desk which can help with troubleshooting or answer any of your questions or concerns about your computer system. To learn more about IT services in Coconut Creek, call the professionals at Farnes Computer Systems today at (954) 956-7323.

About Farnes Computer Systems:

Founded in 1991, Farnes Computer Systems in Coconut Creek, FL provides IT support for businesses throughout South Florida. Their skilled computer professionals specialize in providing, data protection in Coconut Creek, managed IT services and support for both Apple and Windows systems. To learn more, call (954) 956-7323 or visit them online for more information.

Indie Artist Craymo Releases Anti-Bullying Song Be Myself

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Orlando, Florida (10/1/2014) – Indie singer/songwriter Craymo from Orlando, Florida releases his uplifting anti-bullying pop anthem Be Myself that gives you the courage to just be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.  Inspired by the sounds of Maroon 5, One Republic and Robbie Williams, Craymo gets the party started with an upbeat hand clapper that instantly puts you in a good mood and entices you into singing along!

Bullying is reaching epidemic numbers and awareness needs to be made to help young kids, teenagers and adults realize that words, taunting, ridiculing and physically harming another person is wrong and damaging to the person being bullied.  Growing up gay Craymo was the victim of bullying many times in his young adult as well as his adult life. Being called names, being teased and being emotionally attacked eats away at the human psyche.

Research shows that half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years.  More than 10% are bullied regularly.  Over 30% of children with a food allergy have been bullied.  Food allergies affect nearly three million children.  Girls bully in groups more than boys do and though girls use more indirect emotional type of bullying, research indicates that girls are becoming more physical than they have in the past.  There has been an alarming increase of children committing suicide as a result of bullying.   Bullying occurs globally in schools everywhere, it’s not just a problem for the United States.

Obese children, people with learning disabilities, having health conditions, wearing glasses, physical disabilities, being gay, etc. are all targets for mean bullies.  Gay teens are three times more likely than heterosexual teens to report being bullied. In contrast 80% of gay teens said they were less likely than heterosexuals to say they had bullied someone else.  Every day over 160,00 skip school in fear that they will be bullied.

Craymo wanted to create a fun, inspirational and empowering song to embrace your individuality, there is no one else like you.  You are unique, just Be Yourself.

Be Myself has been featured on the Independent Music Radio Network syndicated in over 35 countries and held for two weeks at #2 position on the Independent Mainstream Top 30 Chart.  Be Myself is nominated for best Pop song 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Awards, September and has been selected for a featured spot on Al Walser’s  Top 20 Countdown show syndicated globally.  Be Myself was co-written by Craymo, Brandon Jarrett and Joshua Danyel of Moho Productions, LLC.  The song was produced by Brandon Jarrett and Craymo for Moho Productions, LLC.  Craymo is available for personal appearances, live performances and TV and Radio interviews.

Be Myself is available for purchase on Craymo’s website, iTunes and most digital download sites.  The song is available for branding and licensing opportunities.

Be Myself by Craymo

Contact: Craig Raymo, Director of Publishing, Moho Music, ASCAP

Surrey Civic Elections Surrey Board of Trade Debates in conflict of interest , Mayoral Bajwa

Surrey BC Amy Dione  Former Mayor Doug MCcallum and Vikram Bajwa , today filed their nomination papers for the Mayor position in 
City of Surrey . There are only four debates listed on the City Election website. 
Surrey Board of Trade has on their Agenda to hold Two Business Dialogues , one on October 29th and on November 4th. SBOT CEO Anita Huberman
will be conducting the debates. Mayoral Vikram Bajwa pointed out the SBOT debates are in direct conflict of interest as Anita Hubermanwill is Co-Chair with
Councillor Judy Villeneuve who also is Co-Chair on the newly instituted Surrey Local immigration Partnership Council, both of whom are overlooking federal
funds of $ 606,014.
“This is a direct conflict of interest to hold Mayoral and Councillor debates on the part of SBOT. We will ask all candidates to Boycott the events on October 29th and November 4th at Eaglequest Golf Course , Surrey, said Bajwa.

Football and Spud Spikes Baked Potato System Have Three Things in Common: Brats, Potatoes and Tailgating Parties

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Spokane, WASHINGTON (10/1/2014)– It’s as American as apple pie and football. Tailgating. Over 50 million tailgaters in the United States spend $12 billion dollars on tailgating activities, which evolved from a history of churchgoers who headed to baseball games after church and wanted to eat beforehand. Every tailgate party requires a few simple things besides team pride: a tent, chairs, beer, a radio, a grill and of course, food. Although hot dogs and burgers are popular grilling items for a tailgate party, one company, Spud Spikes®, would like tailgaters to consider another perfect food with plenty of options for imagination, and one that is a great food idea – the potato.

Spud Spikes, a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made nominee, offers a Baked Potato System that is great for tailgating and tailgating parties. Spud Spikes are food-grade stainless steel nails that are inserted into potatoes before baking. The nails transfer an oven and/or barbecue’s heat to the center of the potato, allowing it to cook from the inside out. This decreases the overall baking time and saves money. Potatoes cook faster and achieve crispier skins that are both flavorful and edible when using their Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning. The nails can be used for baking, grilling and barbecuing both potatoes and brats. Brats that are grilled using the Spud Spikes will not only cook faster and taste juicier, but they will be straight and have even grill marks.

Launched in 2007, has marketed the product trademarked in 2008 under the C.R.S. Inc. umbrella. The Tool Pro, Leon Frechette, provides all of the expertise and experience behind the selected products that are offered on the website, including their Spud Spikes Gourmet Seasonings. The company’s mission is to provide the very best in products that can help customers in their daily activities and baking projects.

What finer activity can there be than grilling over an open flame before the game? Potatoes that used to take up to an hour and half to grill take only about 40 minutes using the Spud Spikes. Potatoes are no longer just a side dish to compliment the dinner – these days they are the dinner. The tailgater’s cooler would do well to be stocked with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, broccoli and cheese – which will taste great on those perfectly barbecued potatoes. Tailgaters will be able to enjoy more and grill less using their Spud Spikes.

What about the tailgaters who already own a set of Spud Spikes? Spud Spikes make great gifts for family and friends who tailgate. 

For more information, visit



Media Contact:

Leon A. Frechette
C.R.S., Inc.
1011 E. 29th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99203-3221
P (509) 926-1724
F (509) 624-9701

E-mail: crs@spudspikes.comWebsite: