That Is Just Genius Added Bonus Charger to Its New Portable Charger Product with Universal Application, Now Available in Amazon Store

SIMPLEPR (11/23/2014)- That Is Just Genius, a leading provider of innovative products, introduces its new portable battery charger with universal application, offering an added bonus charging features. The product has unique and added advanced features that make it different and more useful than any portable charger sold in the market today.

The Zenon portable battery charger from That Is Just Genius comes with universal application due to its unique features crafted by a professional team of technological engineers. The product can charge a variety of devices such as mobile phones and tablets quickly, anywhere and anytime without the need of plugging them to wall outlet. It is made portable for users who are always on the go.

The portable charger from the company can supply 10400mAH power to any devices. It can charge two devices simultaneously at once with its two USB outputs. The product is compatible with 5V electronic devices like PCs, tablets, MP3 players, smart phones and more. It is also equipped with durable features and materials that make it long lasting to use. The product is also smooth and sleek in design. It is equipped with PC+ABS materials with wear-resistant surface, making it erosion proof and sweat-proof.

The Zenon portable charger is very lightweight in use, making it easy and comfortable to carry whenever user goes as it fits anywhere whether it be a purse, pocket, briefcase, and more. With the help of this product, its users can ensure that there devices will surely never run out of power again. The product also comes with a superior IC design that provides fast charging to devices plugged in the portable charger. Its Smart Multi-protection IC system ensures that all devices charged to the portable charger will not be over charged, which avoids it from over-heating. It detects your device and ensures the fastest charge on the market. This assures that the product is very safe to use with any devices.

The product also comes with multiple applications with its added features like the additional powerful LED flashlight. This makes it ideal to use while on travel, camping, or any outdoor activities during night.

The Zenon is currently being sold at here For comments and inquiries about the product, contact the company’s customer representative at or visit


“This device is well worth it. Instead of buying another charger for work, I decided to buy this product. It provides a fast charge for my IPhone 5 without needing to be plugged up in the wall. It’s also great for my co-workers non Apple products. It is a small size and can easily be kept in my pants pocket.” —- Joseph Daniels.

Firemen, Chocolate and 3L of Wine a winning combination for Le Chocolat

Registration is now open and going fast for Windsor/Detroit’s largest Spring Run

WINDSOR, ONTARIO–(November 23, 2014) – RunningFlat announces Registration is now open and brisk for Canada’s largest Chocolate event, Ontario’s Largest Run South of Toronto and Detroit’s only spring time Chocolate Run (that is across the river in Canada) May 3rd  in Walkerville is the race day.  Runners from all over North America are traveling to Windsor/Detroit for this Mother’s Day Primer.

Le Chocolat will let participants indulge in chocolate, enjoy the fresh air, and window shop, with the ultimate reward being the complimentary 3L box/bag of Wine (red or white) that looks like a Purse along with a Chocolate inspired finishers medal. There are 5 races you can register for, the 5K Run or Walk, the 10K Run or Walk and the 21K Half Marathon. All Participants (19years of age and older) get the wine purse and all finishers get the medal.

Why chocolate and racing? As race founder and race director Chris Uszynski said with a smile, “Le Chocolat is a Mothers’ Day-inspired run that celebrates what our runners have asked for: a scenic course along the Detroit River, firemen, chocolate, and of course, a 3L wine purse.” Pelee Island Winery produces the ‘Pelee Purse’ in Red and White vintages and are in limited production. The Wine Purse is given to all registrants at Race Kit Pickup and they must be 19 years of age or older to receive them.

The run takes place in the picturesque neighbourhood of Walkerville, allowing participants views of the beautiful Detroit River and the trendy neighbourhood of Walkerville. “Having Walkerville as a backdrop is great. Chocolate, Firemen, Wine, beautiful course? Can you say Happy Mother’s Day Primer,” said Uszynski.

The new half marathon course is iconic from the Ambassador Bridge to Lauzon Rd on Riverside Drive is shut down. Caesars Windsor and other official race sponsor hotels are less than 2Km from the start/finish.  Bring lots of friends and enjoy a weekend in Windsor/Detroit.

Monies raised through donations of the race go to Sparky’s Toy Drive. Participants are asked to raise money through online pledge forms and donations.

RunningFlat is based out of Amherstburg Ontario and produces some of the largest runs in the country.  RunningFlat also have a successful weekly radio show that can be downloaded on iTUNES as podcasts.

Registration and Pricing: More information can be found online at Registration is now open and very limited for the May 3trdrace.

Free Arthritis Treatment available at Walgreens on Black Friday

LIGHTNING RELEASES (11/22/2014)- The pain relief lotion that has been taking North America by storm will be available free on promotion at all Walgreens stores nationwide, through a subsidised program created by the Australian manufacturers of the product.

Outback Pain Relief is the only true 100% fully natural topical product available for relief of arthritis and muscular pain.

“While many others product have some natural components, no-one has a 100% natural formula like ours”, says Pain Away LLC CEO, Mark Linford

The product, based on Australian Aboriginal Bush medicine, contains only 4 ingredients; Olive Oil, Pure Tea Tree Oil, Pure Eucalyptus Oil and Vanilla extracts.

The Tea Tree Oil provides clinically proven anti-inflammatory action, the Eucalyptus Oil provides analgesic (pain relieving) action and the Vanilla has circulatory benefits which help drive the active ingredients of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus below the skin to the source of the joints, where the inflammation lies. All these pure essential oils are blended in a very mild Olive Oil base which is gentle to the skin, making the product suitable for all ages.

“95% of all joint and muscle pain involves inflammation”, Mr Linford says. “ If you clear up the inflammation you take away the source of the pain and then you have a more long lasting result.”

We have partnered with Walgreens to offer a $10.00 coupon deal on our $19.95 product, as part of the 2014 Black Friday sale. On purchase you pay only $10.00 and receive an additional $10.00 register reward, virtually making the purchase free.

“We know we have a truly great product so we really wanted to put the product into the hands of as many consumers as possible” said Mr Linford, “ so we have taken this initiative to make a true value offer”

“We know once everyone experiences the difference between our topical and any other on the market they will be life time customers, so we put up the bonus offers and let the consumers decide.”

Outback Pain Relief relieves the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, undiagnosed joint pain, (shoulder, knee, elbow), fibro, gout, back pain and muscular aches and pains.

New 2084 The Secularist Revolution Examines Roles of Religion and Politics in Control of Humanity

A group of mathematicians develop a universal text translator and a universal language translator – and learn that the devices have larger political implications in this historical fantasy .

SIMPLEPR: Denver, CO, and Boulder, CO (11/22/2014) – Evolution toward worldwide secularism begins in Stanley Yokell’s controversial new historical fantasy examining the roles of organized religion and politics in the control of humanity, 2084 The Secularist Revolution. The novel is published by Outskirts Press.

Yokell’s visionary novel centers around a group of mathematicians who develop a computer program to translate textual work idiomatically into any other language, called a universal text translator. The book opens with an examination of metaphysical questions about creation, a creator, growth of language, and tribal groups and languages with which they correspond, the purposes of sexual attraction and the restrictions cultures place upon them. It goes on to describe technology that created the secularist revolution of 2084.

2084 The Secularist Revolution examines fear of the unknown, how religious myths devolved into religious-political structures of controlling people. The effects of successful efforts to create universal text translators (UTTs) and universal language translators (UTLs) lead to secularists’ attempts to overthrow organized religion’s control over people. The secularist revolution of 2084 fails but evolution toward secularism worldwide begins.

2084 The Secularist Revolution is available online through Outskirts Press at The book is sold through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more, and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the historical fantasy and philosophy categories.

ISBN: 978-1-4787-4100-8                    Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback white                 Retail: $16.95    

ISBN: 978-1-4787-4102-2                    Format: 6 x 9 hardback w/ jacket                    Retail: $25.95    

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical / Philosophy

For more information about 2084 The Secularist Revolution, visit the book page at the author’s webpage,

About the Author: Stanley Yokell is a retired consulting engineer with retired registrations in New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa and active registration in Colorado. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has written many books in his field of expertise. He has spent most of his free time on outdoor activities, bicycling (including a solo coast-to-coast ride), hiking up mountains and scuba diving. He has made nearly 1,000 scuba dives and wrote about them in his book, An Old Timer’s Scuba Tales. Other works by Yokell include A Working Guide to Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (McGraw-Hill, New York, 1990); Tubular Exchanger Inspection, Maintenance and Repair McGraw-Hill, New York, 1997 (with Carl F. Andreone, P.E., Fellow of the ASME) Closed Feedwater Heaters for Power Generation: A Working Guide (with Michael C. Catapano and Eric Svensson); and The Murder on the Mall. For more information about Stanley Yokell and his books, contact the author at 970 Aurora Ave., Boulder, CO 80302-7299, call 303-494-2242, fax 303-499-1849 or email or Additional information about his books, The Ship, The Ride, Dog Stories, Beneath the Surface, The Murder at Plato House, and The Body in the Park, is available at his web page at

On Thanksgiving Weekend Downtown Denver Starwood Hotel Guests “Skip the Lines” To Experience Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century with VIP Tickets for the Denver Art Museum’s Newest Blockbuster Exhibition

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Denver, CO (11/21/2014)- Looking for a brilliant way to spend Thanksgiving weekend? The Denver Art Museum’s spectacular  Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century exhibition at the Denver Art Museum is now open, and both the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel and The Westin Denver Downtown offer VIP packages that include non-timed tickets allowing hotel guests to skip the lines for entrance into the exhibition.  

The Denver Art Museum’s world-exclusive exhibition of Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century l features stunning jewelry, timepieces and precious objects created between 1900 and 1975. This exhibition highlights Cartier’s rise to preeminence and the historical events pushing its evolution as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry and luxurious accessories. Organized by the Denver Art Museum, the exhibition is on view in the Anschutz and Martin and McCormick galleries of the Hamilton Building through March 15, 2015.

The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is located on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, just a two-block walk from the iconic Denver Art Museum. The Sheraton’s Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century packages are available on or by calling (303) 893-3333.  Additional tickets for children or other family members may be purchased in limited quantities from hotel staff; please alert the hotel when the reservation is made.

The Westin Denver Downtown, home of the Palm Restaurant, is located adjacent to the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, just two blocks from historic Larimer Square and just a short shuttle ride to the iconic Denver Art Museum. The Westin’s Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century packages are available on or by calling (303) 572-9100.  Additional tickets for children or other family members may be purchased in limited quantities from hotel staff; please alert the hotel when the reservation is made.

For additional information on the Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, see

Radio Hosts Offer Sexy Christmas List

LIGHTNING RELEASES (11/21/2014) – Morning radio hosts Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane have released a new upbeat Christmas song titled, “Sexy Christmas List.”

Whitler and MacBlane host the radio program AM Ocala Live heard weekday mornings on popular Central Florida radio station WOCA The Source in Ocala, Florida. In addition to being radio personalities, the morning-host team has a long history as performers and recording artists which include a lengthy tenure as the duo Robin And The Giant.

Recently Whitler, who is also a songwriter, was challenged on Facebook by fellow songwriter Gail Carson to write a new Christmas song. With a number of Christmas songs already penned by Whitler the challenge to write a new one offered a secondary challenge to write a Christmas song that was different from the others in his catalog.

Whitler says that while driving the 90 miles from Ocala to Orlando and back he tuned into a few Top-40 radio stations and took note of the differences in the songwriting styles of today’s composers verses the styles of the songwriters from the past few decades.

“I noticed that the lyrics were written like a series of instant visuals,” Whitler says. “It was a noticeable difference from the songs of yesteryear when songs were written more like stories.”  He said the new lyric writing style reminded him of watching a slide show and so Whitler, who will turn 60 years old in February, decided to write “Sexy Christmas List” in the same way.

The result was a series of phrases like “sexy mistletoe,” “mistle sexy toe,” and “hugs and kisses from the French Kiss Store.”

After the song was written, Whitler teamed up with Robin MacBlane, who turned 60 years old in September, and the two produced “Sexy Christmas List” as an upbeat and modern sounding pop tune.

“It just sounded fun,” MacBlane said. “As Robin And The Giant we have recorded many original Christmas songs running the gamut from serious songs to fun songs. This is one of the fun ones.”

The radio and musical duo laughed about being sixty years old and producing the upbeat and youthful “Sexy Christmas List.” Whitler shrugged off the age issue saying, “Christmas is for the young and old alike and, besides, the magic of the season makes all of us feel a little more youthful.”

“Sexy Christmas List” can be heard on I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. as well as

Great Holiday Gift: Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running

Injured Runners Can Get Back on Their Feet with New E-book Edition of Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Boulder, CO, USA (11/21/2014) — Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running: How to Fix Injuries, Stay Active, and Run Pain-Free is the first comprehensive guide to avoiding and overcoming running injuries—and it’s now available as an e-book for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iOS devices.

The American Medical Athletic Association has estimated that every year 37-50% of America’s 44 million runners suffer a running-related injury severe enough to bring them to a halt. For these runners, injury is a frustrating fate that delays their fitness, performance, and weight-loss goals. With Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running, runners can beat injuries and enjoy running pain-free. The book is now available in bookstores, running shops, and online. Runners can learn more at

Lewis G. Maharam, MD, better known as Running Doc™, is the most trusted doctor in running. From head to toenails, his book explains healthy running practices and guides runners to the right diagnosis and treatment for over 100 running injuries and related health problems.

The book begins with healthy training and gear practices that will help runners avoid injury. Maharam covers non-injury health issues like colds and flu, aches and pains, and healthy running for women. The book’s illustrated Injury Manual includes diagnosis and treatment information for injuries to the feet and ankles, legs and knees, groin and hip, back, neck, and head.

Maharam offers simple, effective treatments for every common running injury. Using clear illustrations of injured areas and therapeutic strength and mobility exercises, he describes medically proven ways to fix injuries like runner’s knee, shin splints, Achilles’ tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and dozens of other maladies. For more difficult injuries, Maharam explains when runners should seek professional medical care.

Runners should enjoy their sport free of pain, yet more than 1 in 3 runners will get hurt this year. With Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running, runners can fix injuries, stay healthy, and run pain-free.

Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running: How to Fix Injuries, Stay Active, and Run Pain-Free

Lewis G. Maharam, MD with foreword by Frank Shorter

Paperback with 2-color tables and figures throughout

7 3/8″ x 9 1/4″, 248 pp., $24.95, 978-1-934030-68-4

Lewis G. Maharam, MD, is one of the world’s most extensively credentialed and well-known running health experts. Better known as Running Doc™, Maharam is the former medical director of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, and the New York Road Runners Club and the New York City Marathon. He has appeared on World News Tonight, Today, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, CNN, and Fox News. His work has appeared in Runner’s World and Competitor magazines, and he is the author of four books. Learn more at

Dr. Maharam is available for TV, radio and print interviews.

Contact: Lewis G. Maharam, M.D., FACSM

Past President, Greater New York Regional Chapter                        

American College of Sports Medicine

Phone: 212-765-5763


24 West 57th Street; Suite 605

New York, NY 10019


Facebook: Running Doc

Twitter: @askrunningdoc


Selfie On A Stick LLC Partners with Nordstrom for the Perfect Holiday Selfies

LIGHTNING RELEASES 11/20/14 –New York City, NY – Selfie On A Stick LLC is very excited to announce that Selfie On A Stick will be available for purchase at The Holiday “Gift & Go” Pop-In@Nordstrom shop, launching November 21st on and in select Nordstrom stores across the country including Bellevue and Seattle Washington; Dallas, Texas; Paramus, NJ; San Francisco, CA; King of Prussia, PA; Oak Brook, IL; and McLean, VA!

Selfie On A Stick was selected by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom Creative Projects Director, as the hottest item to have on any selfie-taker’s gift list. Selfie On A Stick makes taking the perfect selfie easy; simply place your smartphone in the selfie stick’s clamp, set your camera app’s timer, extend the 3ft telescoping pole, and smile! Don’t forget the hashtags #SelfieOnAStick #pefectselfie #perfectselfwe

Selfie On A Stick features a removable clamp that can hold most smartphones by adjusting from 2.4” to 3.4”, perfect for your favorite device. In addition, the clamp is removable and reveals a ¼ universal screw to allow a regular camera to be attached! The base of the Selfie On A Stick can also be screwed onto a tripod. Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutters, which users can pair to iOS and Android devices, can also be purchased which will allow for instant pictures, no timer required! Selfie On A Stick extends to 3 feet, which will enable you to fit large groups of your friends and family.

As with all of the unique gifts in the “Gift & Go” Pop-In@Nordstrom shop, Selfie On A Stick and Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutters will be pre-wrapped in custom, exclusive paper dreamed up by Olivia Kim. The shop will be both visually unique and easy to shop. With its own splash-page that lives on, the Gift & Go experiences includes an interactive game, unique shopping environment, and much more.

About Selfie On A Stick: Founded in New York City, Selfie On A Stick is quickly catching on as the hottest accessory for taking the perfect #Selfie and #SelfWE! Selfie On A Stick has received attention from national media including The Today Show and can be found in national retailers coast to coast and on Selfie On A Stick encourages all customers to follow Selfie On A Stick on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter @SelfieOnAStick and post their selfies and selfWe’s using hashtags #SelfieOnAStick #perfectselfie. For additional information about Selfie On A Stick please contact

About “Gift & Go” Pop-In@Nordstrom: Pop-In@Nordstrom is an ongoing series of themed pop-up shops meant to excite and intrigue our customers. For each Pop-In, Olivia Kim curates an eclectic mix of goods and houses them in specially designed spaces that encourage interaction and engagement. Pop-In@Nordstrom shops are located in eight Nordstrom locations as well as online at

Bellevue Square 100 Bellevue Square Bellevue, WA 98004 425.455.5800

NorthPark Center 8687 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75225 214.231.3900

Garden State Plaza 501 Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ 07652 201.843.1122

San Francisco Centre 865 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415.243.8500

Downtown Seattle 500 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101 206.628.2111

The Plaza at King of Prussia 190 North Gulph Road King of Prussia, PA 19406 610.265.6111

Oakbrook Center 10 Oakbrook Center Oak Brook, IL 60523 630.571.2121

Tysons Corner Center 8075 Tysons Corner Center McLean, VA 22102  703.761.1121

TTR Releases Expanded Tax Answer Charts

LIGHTNING RELEASES: McMinnville, Oregon (11/20/2014)- Transaction Tax Resources (TTR), the industry leader in providing accurate sales and use tax answers, is excited to announce a significant tool for sales and use tax professionals.

We spent years developing this content. We recently gathered feedback from leaders in every industry: our clients. When asked, our clients shared a desire for fast, accurate, and audit-defensible tax answers. TTR has expanded its Tax Answer Charts in order to satisfy all three of these desires.

  • Fastest Tax Answers – Anywhere. With TTR’s Tax Answer Charts, a user can immediately access a tax answer in the form of a “T” for Taxable or “E” for exempt. In just seconds, TTR subscribers can see all tax answers for products and services specific to their industry.
  • More Content – Than Anyone. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts provide access to over 110,000 tax-relevant products and services. 110,000. That is not a mistake. That is nearly 50 times (50X) the content of any other provider of sales and use tax answers.
  • More Features – Than Anyone. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts are rich with features unavailable anywhere else. Unlike other quick reference charts, TTR’s Tax Answer Charts let users edit them in real time. Gone are the days of having to re-run a chart and move back and forth between screens. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts export cleanly and without formatting issues common to other tools available in the marketplace. You have to see it to believe it.
  • Sales & Customer Invoices. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts ensure that customers are invoiced only the correct amount of tax. Nothing kills a sale or strains a customer relationship quicker than incorrect taxes. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts are a fast, accurate, and effective way to ensure that customers are invoiced correctly.
  • Use Tax Compliance. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts significantly improve the use tax accrual process. Quick access to relevant, accurate, and up-to-date use tax answers is the single largest challenge for companies today. With TTR’s Tax Answer Charts, companies can quickly share relevant tax answers with Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and the Tax Department. These three groups ensure that purchases are taxed correctly.
  • Reduce Audits. TTR’s Tax Answer Charts reduce audits by improving the accuracy of use tax accruals and sales tax charged on customer invoices. TTR’s reputation with US companies, industries, state governments, and universities serves as evidence that TTR is the trusted leader in accurate sales and use tax answers, research, and information.

Getting a quick reference guide has never been this easy. Export your chart and share it with your team for reference in handling sales tax audits.

TTR Tax Answer Charts – another way TTR makes it simple.

About TTR

Transaction (buying or selling things), Tax (the tax on this activity), Resources (our people, our website, our support services) – TTR, Inc.

We have a website that companies subscribe to, and these companies use our website daily. This website provides a list of everything that can be bought or sold in the U.S. It gives simple answers to whether buying or selling these things is taxable (subject to a sales tax or other tax), and it provides all the legal authority to support these tax answers.

We like to keep things simple and fun, which is why we have great people who provide help to our clients on any support questions they have about transaction tax issues.

We would love to hear from you – please contact us at 866.578.8193 or visit us on the web at or call 866.578.8193.

Digital Marketing Strategist and Trendsetter Luna Vega Shares Knowledge, Experience on New E-commerce-focused YouTube Channel

SIMPLEPR (11/21/2014) – With holiday shopping now kicking into high gear, international marketing consultant Luna Vega ( has released a short video to help small fashion businesses maximize their sales during these critical few weeks. “E-commerce Tips to Boost Your Holiday Sales” can be seen on Vega’s recently launched YouTube channel.

“The world is primed for new ideas and new voices,” commented Vega. “As an extension of my digital marketing consulting work, my new YouTube channel’s goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs share their ideas and define themselves in the best possible way. I plan to showcase all the latest trends and strategies in fashion e-commerce, helping my audience see and understand today’s remarkable growth opportunities.”

In her latest video, Vega distills her tried-and-true advice on the topic of holiday e-commerce optimization down to three key points:

  1. Embrace the Mobile Revolution
  2. Invest in PPC Mobile Ads
  3. Sell on Instagram

While many businesses remain wary of accepting mobile as a viable sales channel, the metrics don’t lie. The most recent numbers from Nielsen Digital Consumer Report show that more than 100 million US consumers will make holiday purchases with their mobile devices. That’s an enormous potential to engage with customers and communicate a brand identity.

Vega identifies Google PPC ads as the most economical and efficient way to make an impression on mobile shoppers, because businesses only have to pay for ads that people actually click. When smartly positioned, mobile PPC ads are a powerful discovery engine. Google ads that display as part of search results feature a product image, price and a link to the e-commerce site.

Instagram has long been the Holy Grail of marketers. Consumers are more likely to engage with brands on Instagram than any other social network, yet the tools for making the most of those engagements have been notably lacking. Vega highlights a couple of useful apps that augment the standard Instagram feed with the ability to “Buy Now,” turning fans into customers with a single click of the mouse.

To further sweeten the deal for consumers, Vega also recommends including “freebies” over the holidays, such as a free gift and free shipping with every purchase. Likewise, she encourages business owners to get started early on any promotions; she stresses that early planning and strategizing are key to a successful digital marketing campaign, and to boost sales this holiday season.

Every video on Luna Vega’s new channel revolves around one topic – how to create an effective small business marketing campaign that leverages digital technology to reach a global, connected audience. Among the more popular videos are “How to Set Business Goals,” “3 Questions to Ask When Launching Internationally” and “How to Grab Your Customer’s Attention” – Vega’s most-watched video to date.

About Luna Vega

Luna Vega is a digital marketing consultant focused on fueling the growth of brands internationally. Vega has fifteen years of experience working in markets such as Paris, Berlin, Singapore and New York creating bespoke digital marketing plans for Fortune 500 clients. Using a network of experts from ethnographic researchers to software developers to connect brands with up-to-date cultural, social and digital opportunities, she uncovers cultural nuances, technical business needs and key market challenges. She is the author of “The Global Influence: The Small Business E-Commerce Guide to Selling Internationally.”


Luna Vega

Author, Digital Marketing Consulting


349 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016


# # #