UniAction Raised $25,000 for 60 Million Girls Foundation

UniAction organized its first banquet to benefit 60 million girls Foundation on Saturday September 13th, 2014, at the Restaurant Chez Chine – Holiday Inn Select Montreal Downtown.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/30/3014) – With distinguished guests, Wanda Bédard, founder of 60 million girls, and olympic medalists, Joannie Rochette and Jennifer Jones, our guests enjoyed a ten course Chinese gourmet dinner and appreciated a fashion show themed China : past to present.

“Thanks to the generosity of donors, guests and sponsors, UniAction raised $25,000 for 60 million girls Foundation, supporting two projects giving access to girls education in Kenya and  Afghanistan this year. We are proud to have raised the awareness of more than 150 people at the banquet. We profoundly believe that each action makes a difference,” said Thi Be Nguyen, Founder of UniAction.

The event took place on Saturday September 13th, 2014, at the Restaurant Chez Chine – Holiday Inn Select Montreal Downtown and was UniAction’s first banquet that was organized to benefit the 60 million girls Foundation. 

Inspiration is the first step towards great accomplishements, let’s inspire youth through education because each action makes a difference!,” added Nguyen.

About UniAction
Founded in June 2014 by Thi Be Nguyen, UniAction reunites people with a passion for philanthropy, community involvement and humanitarian causes. UniAction is a non-profit organization with the mission to support charities, by organizing fundraisers and offering councel and tools to help them realize their projects. UniAction profoundly believes that each action we take makes a difference in the causes we support!

60 million girls Foundation
0 million girls is a public foundation established in February 2006 by Wanda Bedard and a group of talented, creative and energetic women who strongly believe in the need to support education for girls in order to create a more just and balanced world.

Each action makes a difference!

Thi Be Nguyen – Founder of UniAction
Email: thibe.nguyen@uniaction.ca

On November 4, Vote with Knowledge not Misinformation!

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/30/2014) – Richard I. Fine, Ph.D., Chairman, Campaign for Judicial Integrity states:

“Don’t be misled by California judicial recommendations or endorsements concealing judicial corruption. A corruption free judiciary is far more important than the political or social philosophy of a corrupt judge. All Supreme Court and Court of Appeal justices seeking retention on November 4, engaged and perpetuated judicial corruption by upholding the decisions of the 90% of the Superior Court judges who received retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution under Section 5 of SBX 2 11 for taking illegal payments from counties appearing before them in cases.”

Please visit http://www.campaignforjudicialintegrity.org to see the justices engaged in judicial corruption.

On November 4, vote with full knowledge. Vote “No” to all California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal justices. Voting “No” ends judicial corruption now. Voting “No” is the best thing that you can do for you and your family. Not voting or voting “Yes” perpetuates judicial corruption. Elected officials perpetuated judicial corruption it bypassing SBX 2 11. Only you can end judicial corruption.

The Campaign for Judicial Integrity is a national grassroots movement and organization dedicated to the eradication of judicial corruption in all of its forms. Contact: Richard I. Fine, Ph.D.; Tel: (310) 622-6900; E-mail: richardfine@campaignforjudicialintegrity.org

1. http://www.campaignforjudicialintegrity.org

Exercise your Rights; Vote for Justice on November 4.

Dragon Financial Reports 8 Years of Successful Growth

A local financial services company uses high tech innovation to accelerate its growth 

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/30/2014) – Dragon Financial Inc. of Tigard, Oregon is not just another financial servicing company. With over eight years of successful growth under their belt this company is clearly doing something right. What makes Dragon Financial stand out from among their many peers is the way in which its business and customer servicing is conducted. This company is not only a “user friendly” and dynamic, full-service financial services business; it utilizes a unique way to communicate with clients. It is this efficient communication method that makes Dragon Financial different from others and is the driving force behind its solid growth over the years.

Dragon’s Accounting Assistance Leads the Way

You might be wondering what is so different about this company that sets it apart from the other “run-of-the-mill” and, quite frankly, boring financial services businesses. For Dragon Financial it is all about building solid client trust, providing seamless interconnectivity and creating consistent transparency; all of which are unusual attributes for most financial services companies these days. In other words, Dragon Financial is focused on their clients feeling good with the upscale services they are providing them. Their motto, “Do what you love, we do the rest”, really says it all. You see, only providing high-quality, custom services in the areas of Accounting and Bookkeeping, Business Administration and Systems Management is not enough. What differentiates Dragon Financial from the rest is an application technique called Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant is the Next Generation of Financial Servicing Connectivity

Virtual assistance is the ability of the client company to have remote access to reports, important paperwork, bookkeeping and other necessary office management products and services via “the cloud” at the convenience of the client ­- day or night, weekends and holidays. It does not matter whether the client is at the office, traveling anywhere in the world or on vacation. The fact that the client has full access 24/7 means a huge savings of money and time, with no need for extra resources. Virtual Assistant is easy to setup and maintain and is so efficient it actually pays the client to use it by reducing processing costs and human resource needs. And this is why Dragon Financial has enjoyed over 8 solid years of successful growth.

Dragon Financial, Inc. – Providing Client Oriented Financial Services

Dragon Financial, Inc. was established in 1997 and provides business financial services to hundreds of individuals, companies and organizations. Their business clients include manufacturing, distribution, non-profits and service industries. The preeminent goal of Dragon Financial is to save your company time and money through effective use of their professional resources. A fulltime, flexible financial services organization, Dragon Financial is happy to provide only as much as you need and will never try to oversell. They take pride in their ability to provide just the right amount of service after determining what is best for each client.

Dragon Financial, Inc. · 7140 SW Fir Loop Suite 100 · Tigard, Oregon 97223 · 503-844-8794 · www.dragonfinancial.com

Dragon Financial

Dragon Financial was established in 1997. They provide services to hundreds of individuals, companies and organizations in the areas of office management, bookkeeping and financial system solutions. They are happy to do as little or as much as the client needs and have been known to train themselves out of a job. They do what is best for their client to save time and money, give precise and valuable information, build success strategies and help many enjoy their businesses more.








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Matthew Veil

Atlas Marketing Management


Email: matt@atlasmarketingmanagement.com

Website: http://atlasmarketingmanagement.com/


Encore Energy Provides Operations Update for Its 30-Well Oil Program and Horizontal Project(s) Planned for Western Kentucky

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Bowling Green, Kentucky (10/30/14): Encore Energy announced today that the Company is currently drilling wells #11 – 14 of 30 wells in Western Kentucky, each well targeting multiple shallow oil formations. The Company currently has 8 wells producing oil from multiple formations located at three lease locations with 2 wells in completion. The Company’s leasehold is located in southeastern Illinois Basin of Western Kentucky.

Encore has previously signed an agreement to acquire the rights to an existing lease, horizontal well plan and drill-site location in Western Kentucky to potentially develop non-conventional gas and liquids. The Company is currently planning horizontal operations and intends to commence drilling operations by the spring 2015.

“We remain extremely dedicated to the development of shallow oil drilling and production projects while planning long-term for non-conventional gas and liquids”, said Joseph Hooper, Encore’s Executive Vice President of Business Development.

“We are now shipping multiple loads of oil each month and are excited about our future plans”, said Steve Stengell, Encore’s President CEO. “We believe that the Company has established good, sustainable, long-term oil production for the area”, added Stengell.

No assurances can be made as it relates to production, prices, reserves, profitability or timeline estimates for any given project.

For more information regarding Encore, please contact Joseph Hooper at (270) 842 – 1242, ext. 224.

Cautionary Statement: The information herein includes forward-looking statements and actual results may vary. No assurances can be made as it pertains to geological success, production estimates, income, reserves, profitability, timelines or that the Company will achieve the necessary funding to make project(s) profitable. Oil and gas involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty. Many of these risks are beyond the control of management. Oil and gas investments are not suitable for all investors. This is not an offer to sell a security, and offers shall be made only to sophisticated Accredited investors (as defined by the SEC) through a private-placement offering memorandum.

18-And-Under Golfers to Play in Local Washington State Trusted Chice Big “I” Tournament


LIGHTNING RELEASES: Blaine,WA (10/30/2014) — Junior golfers 18 years old and under are eligible to participate in the local Washington State qualifying tournament of the Trusted Choice® Big “I” National Championship being held at June 20-21, 2015 at Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club in Blaine, Washington.
This Big “I” qualifying tournament is being organized by the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour and it’s incredible staff.  The top boy and girl will advance to the prestigious Big “I” National Championship.
More than 2,100 junior golfers are expected to compete for one of the 156 spots in the Big “I” National Championship field. The Big “I” is rated as one of the best junior golf tournaments in the United States and is sponsored by the Independent  Insurance Agents and Brokers of America.
Under the eligibility guidelines, boys and girls whose 19th birthday falls prior to the end of the Trusted Choice Big”I” National Championship will be eligible to participate.
The Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour is excited about hosting such a prestigious event for juniors to experience.  RMJGT will also be holding anouther qualifier the same weekend in Socorro, New Mexico.  Visit the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour website to see RMJGT’s 2015 schedule of events.
Click here to register for the Semiahmoo Big “I” qualifier.
For more information about the local Big “I” qualifying tournament, call Tracy Cologne at 888-763-5909.

Tracy Cologne

Aleph Group Inc.; Alleviating Food Insecurity through the Design and Manufacturing of Specialty Vehicles

LIGHTNING RELEASES — 10/30/14 – Aleph Group Inc. serves, seeks and shares the positive impact in the fight against food insecurity in the community, United States and around the world; by manufacturing specialty vehicles and mobile solutions.

Aleph Group Inc. felt a driven purpose in the fight against food insecurity and wanted to impact people’s lives. AGI and Family Service Association of Redlands partnered together and created a fundraiser event “Feeding with a Purpose,” to benefit this cause. By generating this fundraiser Aleph Group Inc. wanted to build momentum into the Feeding Angles initiative. Feeding Angels is focused on extinguishing child food insecurity in America and around the globe. Through partnerships with businesses and community based organizations, for every specialty vehicle or mobile solution that AGI designs and manufactures Aleph Group Inc. will donate a portion of the proceeds to feed a food insecure child three meals a day for an entire year.

Riverside, CA (Lighting Releases) 10/30/2014 – In the United States 48.8 million Americans including 16.2 million children, live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. As a result, they struggle with hunger at some point during the year. Food insecurity, the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food, exists in 17.2 million households in America and 3.9 million of them with children. 

Feeding with a Purpose was engineered to bring community awareness to the food insecurity problem close to home and around the globe. Aleph Group Inc. wanted a gathering of community leaders, businesses and the general public for the fundraiser to shed light on the impact that the community can make. The event was focused on inspiring the community to work towards a future where food insecurity is a faint memory of the past.

To benefit such a cause as food insecurity, Aleph Group Inc. wanted businesses and community leaders to be involved. Vendor sponsorships from; Sea Bright Solar, Jason’s Deli, Lynch Metals, AZ Bus Sales, Canyon Crest Winery and Hangar 24 Craft Brewery made a positive impact in people’s lives and shifted the efforts in food insecurity in our community. The general public who attended the event made charitable donations to the cause and aided in the effort and awareness. Community leaders that spoke at the fundraiser were a positive influencer in achieving the goal of public awareness of food insecurity.

Aleph Group Inc. is a design and manufacture of specialty vehicles and mobile units for the; medical, dental, law enforcement, blood center industries, as well as a variation of many other industries. AGI manufactures mobile units such as; mobile clinics, mobile dental units, mobile command centers, bloodmobiles, mobile offices, mobile kitchens and an assortment of other specialty vehicles. Aleph Group Inc.’s wide array of specialty vehicles and mobile units that allow your company, organization or agency to operate beyond the limitations of a fixed facility. Providing the flexibility to work at various times and locations, connect with outlying and rural communities and expand your resources to remote areas that would otherwise go without. AGI’s cutting-edge yet cost-effective mobile, portable and semi-permanent solutions are invaluable 21st century assets.


The mission of the Feeding Angels initiative is to serve the nutritional needs of children. Feeding Angels operates within two primary domains; childhood nutrition and health and wellness. The four core goals of Feeding Angels are contained within one or both of these domains. They include; increase accessibility to food, provide nutritious meals, support wellness needs and help contribute to the wholeness of a child. By the end of the fiscal year 2015, Aleph Group Inc. plans to have served twenty-five children all over the globe.


Aleph Group Inc. would like to encourage the readers to reach out to us with inquires about AGI and specialty vehicles, the Feeding Angels initiative or how to be a part of next year’s event. Contact Aleph Group Inc. CEO and President, Jales A. Mello, via email at info@alephgroupinc.com or phone (951)213-4815.


“At Aleph Group Inc. we have experienced the power of human potential and are committed to exploring the possibilities of growth with everyone who comes in contact with us.” – Aleph Group Inc.

Enviro-Master Announces Texas is “Sold Out” with Austin Franchise Sale

Financial executive Scott Schaefer seizes opportunity to get last available territory in Texas.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/30/2014) – Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC; October 16, 2014 – Enviro-Master, recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as a Top New Franchise for 2014, welcomes its newest Austin, Texas franchisee to its fast-growing franchise that redefines hygiene. With franchise operations established in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and now Austin, Enviro-Master is represented in all major markets in Texas. The company has been commended by entrepreneurs and business coaches alike for its large territory sizes, adding to the attractiveness of the business venture.

Back row: Alex Arriaga, Paul Mullins, Seldon Hurley; front row: Scott Schaefer, Pat Swisher, Barbara Schaefer, Joanna Hurley

“Enviro-Master presented a great opportunity to get in early with a franchise that already has a history based upon Pat Swisher’s previous success,” said Scott Schaefer, CPA. Schaefer, a financial executive with 25 years of experience in a variety of industries, market segments and stages, has demonstrated success in improving operations and efficiencies through effective financial management. He received his bachelor’s degree of business administration from Texas Tech University. Schaefer started exploring franchise opportunities in 2012 and then returned to a serious search in March 2014, working with business coach Isabell Estes of The Entrepreneur’s Source. He explored 10 franchises before narrowing his hunt to about four companies. Schaefer commented, “I spoke with Enviro-Master franchisees, who unanimously agreed that they would buy the franchise again given the opportunity.” Scott Schaefer is married, and his wife Barbara will be involved in the business. They have five children ranging in age from 10 to 20. He anticipates launching his business in early December and will be serving customers in Austin and throughout Central Texas.

“Scott is a strategic thinker and relationship builder who was looking for a business that was in high demand, recession-resistant and equity building,” said Isabell Estes (photo, right), a self-employment business coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. She added, “With its recurring revenue model and the large territories coupled with the vision and support provided by Enviro-Master, it seemed like a good fit for Scott.”

“We welcome Scott and Barbara to our growing franchise system,” remarked Pat Swisher. “I am very gratified by our strong presence in the great state of Texas.”

About Enviro-Master

Enviro-Master is a franchise business that offers people with appropriate professional skills, and genuine desire, an unparalleled opportunity to develop their own successful business. As a company, Enviro-Master is the leader in the hygiene industry dedicated to providing hygiene services and products for public restrooms everywhere. The company focuses on preventing the spread of disease and odors while creating cleaner and healthier facilities that routine maintenance just cannot do.

Enviro-Master also augments its services by supplying soap, paper and cleaning products at such low pricing that it often offsets the cost of its hygiene services. With high-level services that significantly enhance any business’ image, plus budget-friendly value, Enviro-Master services possess an undeniable appeal. With public restrooms nearly everywhere people go, there is practically unlimited business potential. Enviro- Master is an approved vendor in virtually all of the national restaurant chains. Visit www.enviro-master.com.

# # # # #

Contact Information

Scott Warren

Senior Vice President of Franchise Development; swarren@enviro-master.com; 239-645-2808


Karin Machusic

Public Relations, Enviro-Master; kmachusic@enviro-master.com; (Mobile) 925.708.2179

SOFTRAX Revenue Manager Supports Businesses Preparing for New Revenue Recognition Guidance

Market-Leading Revenue Automation Solution Available to Help Companies Meet New ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Requirements

LIGHTNING RELEASES: CANTON, Mass. (10/30/2014) – Revenue recognition specialists SOFTRAX today announced that Revenue Manager, their market-leading revenue automation solution, will be prepared to support businesses adopting new guidance finalized by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) earlier this year.

For US companies, the new ASC 606 standards will represent the most significant change to business accounting practices since 2002’s Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The impact of ASC 606 is multiplied by the fact that it fundamentally changes the revenue recognition process, replacing the existing range of industry-specific guidance with a universal five-step framework. And with public companies expected to start using the new standard by 2017, the window for implementation is rapidly closing.

Adopting the new guidance is certain to raise logistical challenges. Even now, shortcomings in ERP and financial systems force many large businesses to resort to error-prone spreadsheet solutions or expensive customizations to successfully handle their revenue. That number will only increase as the new guidance pushes complexity into verticals that have traditionally had simple revenue recognition processes, driving risk, version lock-in, and other issues.

Faced with such problems, companies might opt to completely “rip and replace” their existing systems. However, this carries a significant burden in terms of time, cost, and business disruption. Revenue Manager offers a simpler way out of this dilemma. It represents a productized solution that easily integrates with existing infrastructure to automate the entire revenue process, including allocation, carves, deferments of both cost and revenue, determination of fair value, and generation of journal entries – activities that require manual workarounds in many leading systems.

Thanks to Revenue Manager’s flexible, template-based architecture, business users can quickly set up and support both current and future revenue management requirements. This puts control of your revenue process where it belongs: in the hands of your subject matter experts. Because data is being systematized in a productized solution, Revenue Manager also provides unprecedented reporting and support for audit, giving companies the single point of truth and visibility they require. 

“SOFTRAX solutions have been helping companies stay ahead of changing regulations for more than 15 years,“ said Graham Hulme, Director of Product Development at SOFTRAX. “The flexibility and adaptability of our Revenue Manager product was founded on an understanding that the modern business world is constantly in motion. For companies that are in the process of planning their move to ASC 606, or for those seeking to move away from spreadsheets or expensive custom solutions, Revenue Manager can ease these transitions while creating new sources of business efficiency.”


For over 15 years, SOFTRAX has been fundamentally changing the way companies manage, report, and forecast their revenue and cash. With over 500 successful deployments, SOFTRAX is the leading provider of revenue automation solutions for US enterprises. Today, corporations manage billions of dollars through SOFTRAX, maximizing their revenue, reducing operating expenses, and complying with revenue recognition regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements while gaining unparalleled visibility into their business performance.

SOFTRAX is headquartered in Canton, MA. More information can be found at www.SOFTRAX.com.

Some of us excelled in college…Some of us did not even attend. THIS entrepreneur bought a college!

LIGHTNING RELEASES (10/30/3014) – Vonda White, a tenacious entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Organization Member of 13 years, and single parent of three, has accomplished what most only dream of – realizing what she wanted as her living legacy and turning it into reality.

Several years ago, she was inspired to do something amazing with her life, to create a business that really made a difference. “I have had a successful insurance brokerage business that I started in 1996 after leaving a former employer”, Vonda states. “While I grew that business to $30 million in sales, it was never my true passion.”  She shared that the insurance business can be very “cut throat” and highly competitive. She dreaded every bid season.  Changes in health care reform significantly changed her industry and added even more stress. “I knew I needed a Plan B.  I wanted to find a business that I loved that also could really make a difference.” 

For Vonda, raising amazing children is a huge priority for her. Several years ago, she researched “sleep away” camps for her kids that would provide an awesome experience and have a lasting impact on them.  She found one that really excited her, but it was extremely expensive.  After negotiating a significant discount, she sent them off.  Flash forward two weeks…she was astounded by what hers and other children could learn and accomplish in  such a short period of time, if given the opportunity. Even though she was impressed with this camp, her entrepreneurial mind saw things she could improve upon. She believed she could provide young people with an opportunity to push their boundaries in camp as well as in an academic setting. This created the spark that years later, would be ignited by her realization that she wanted to do something truly impactful.

Armed with a dream and a never quit attitude, this tenacious entrepreneur, who never takes NO for an answer, set out on a quest to build her dream.

For three solid years she searched for the perfect location for what would become home to a place where kids could realize their potential and expand upon their talents…a place where entrepreneurs of tomorrow are encouraged, and where children have the opportunity to grow and succeed personally and academically.  “I set out to find the perfect location”, she said, “yet it had to make financial sense and be viable year round instead of just a summer camp”.  Initially, she located a camp in upstate New York. She ended up walking away as it was overpriced and the seller would not budge.  “I started to wonder if this was going to ever happen”, Vonda admits.  “I then reflected back to something I learned from an acquaintance, Brian Scudamore from 1-800-GotJunk”. He advocated the use of a white sheet – “take an empty sheet and fill it with what your business CAN be or what you would like to accomplish without thinking about your limitations.”  “So” Vonda says, “I pulled out a blank sheet of paper and went to work”. “I realized that a college campus would be the best fit for my vision.” She started to do some research and found that there were actually 3 colleges for sale. Two of these were priced at over $10 Million and required an enormous amount of repairs to become operational.   The third campus, appeared to have been sold.   The property, located in Owatonna, Minnesota, was listed in a newspaper article as “Sale Imminent”.  “One thing I have learned in business”, she stated, “is that it is not sold, until the deal is closed”.  So she contacted the bank named in the newspaper and found out the sale had fallen through.  “What had begun to seem impossible, was now suddenly sounding too good to be true”, she shares with a smile across her face. What Vonda had found was a 19 acre campus with 13 buildings totaling over 300,000 square feet and an asking price of $2.2 Million. She thought. “Could this really be true?”  So, in the dead winter, she left her warm Florida home to visit the campus in snowy Minnesota. “What I saw was a beautiful, historic, 140 year old campus. I could see the potential. I knew I had found the place where I could build my dream”, she said, her eyes lighting up the smile that never left her face.

After having closed five years earlier, this vacant college campus was purchased on April 14, 2014 for $1.8 million.  Vonda figured out a way to buy Pillsbury College with no money down.  The bank financed $2.5 million and another $1 million for the remodeling.   “I put everything I own, including my home in Florida, on the line with the bank for the loans.”

“I didn’t want to waste any time”, she asserted, “I had less than 8 weeks from purchasing the property, to transform a campus that had been vacant for more than 5 years, to reach my goal of opening the doors of “Camp Pillsbury”.  With complete determination and a vision, I rolled up my sleeves, went to work hiring contractors, and pushed a broom, emptied garbage, whatever it took.  And while sweeping floors and coordinating contractors, was part of her everyday routine, she also needed to find people that wanted to come to this camp.

It was not easy. While the town’s people were glad to see the school come alive again, they were very skeptical about the time line. There was talk around town where many people thought they misunderstood and that she would open in June of 2015, as there was no way she could pull it off any sooner. Well these nice people from Owatonna had not met anyone like Vonda White. 

On June 17, 2014, a large crowd gathered for Camp Pillsbury’s ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration.  Amazingly, in its inaugural summer, a total of 240 kids attended camp, 140 of which were from outside the state of Minnesota.  Overall, 20 countries were represented with many kids coming from France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Columbia, Mexico, and Spain. 

 “My big plans for bringing both a school and summer camp for international and domestic students, which offers traditional and not so traditional camp programs, is well on its way.” She beams. “Camp Pillsbury is a multi-program summer camp for kids to explore music, theatre, dance including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern and tap, sports, magic, multimedia arts, visual arts, extreme sports, equestrian, technology, circus arts and several other activities. What? Circus Arts? The week prior to opening, a full blown trapeze had been erected in the middle of campus where kids would learn to fly, do tricks, and catch and release.  This trapeze would remain as a focal point of Camp Pillsbury throughout the summer, and Circus Arts became one of the most popular activities offered at Camp Pillsbury.  (www.CampPillsbury.com)

At the beginning of each two week session, campers select three majors – courses they will take every day for one hour in a specific area to improve their skills, as well as 3 afternoon minors that they can take once or as often as they like for fun.  Every day the children are receiving 6 hours of instruction.   At the end of every 2 week session, campers show off their abilities and talents to their parents and the local community.  It is a different show every two weeks, so if the camper stays for more than one session, they are learning and performing different acts and skills.  “I wanted the kids to be able to choose all of their own activities.  My goal is to give kids an experience they love and help them build relationships that will last throughout their lifetimes.”  Campers come for the entire summer, or for a single two week session. 

Lynn Peterson, a teacher, sent her shy, 13 year old son to Camp Pillsbury over the summer.  “Evan originally planned on staying one session.  He ended up spending another five weeks. It truly has been life changing for him.  He’s got friends from all around the world that he is in frequent contact with,” she said. 

Ridgely Goldsborough, a professional worldwide motivational speaker, sent his children to Camp Pillsbury and found the experience he had wanted to give his kids. With emotion in his voice, he said it was “a priceless experience that my kids talk about frequently…to this day they text and communicate with friends from multiple continents…”

Rounding off her dream and vision to expand the use of this campus year round is the opening of Pillsbury College Prep, slated for grand opening September, 2015.  The boarding school will provide a top notch education to student’s grades 6 – 12 with mini-camp accredited electives for after school and weekend activities.  Pillsbury College Prep’s curriculum is nationally accredited and provides small classroom sizes with personalized attention with online instruction and pacing. (www.PillsburyPrep.com)  It will offer an entrepreneurial environment and teaches kids to thrive both educationally and personally.  For many international students, an American education is a highly valuable commodity. 

“Following my dream and never giving up, I have begun my legacy, helping kids and inspiring them to be all they can be.  We are changing the world one camper and one student at a time.” – Vonda White

Villa Healthcare’s Nursing Facility The Villa at Evergreen Park Achieves 4-Star Rating from CMS

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Nov. 1, 2014 Evergreen Park, IL – The Villa at Evergreen Park, a Villa Healthcare facility, located at 10124 South Kedzie Avenue in Evergreen Park has recently been awarded yet another star by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Their four star rating reflects standards of excellence in patient care, staffing, and regulatory compliance. This new rating is notable, since Villa Healthcare began operating the facility a little more than a year ago with just two stars. In addition, Villa has just completed phase one of a multi million dollar project with elegantly decorated private guest suites, beautiful lounges, and a state of the art therapy gym. The Villa at Evergreen Park The team has really embraced Villa’s core values of Exceptional Care, Passionate Services, and Unexpected Luxury.  They continue to raise the bar for service excellence and we are lucky to have them in our community.

The Villa at Evergreen Park now joins The Villa at South Holland with 4-star staus and aspires to join the ranks of Park Villa with the prestigious 5-Star honor.

About Villa Healthcare

Formed in 2010, Villa Healthcare began operation by assuming control of several under performing or marginal skilled nursing facilities. Drawing on decades of experience, the Villa Healthcare team began with a clear set of core beliefs and a visionary business and financial model honed over many years of successful operation.  At present, Villa Healthcare consists of 15 facilities throughout the Midwest and is changing the landscape of post hospital care by transforming traditional nursing facilities into modern destinations for clinical sophistication, unexpected luxury, and exceptional levels of comfort and service. 

About the 5-Star Rating System

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. One of its charges is to monitor and rate nursing facilities nationwide.  CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily and to help identify areas about which you may want to ask questions.

The Nursing Home Compare website now features a quality rating system that gives each nursing home a rating of between 1 and 5 stars.  Nursing homes with 5 stars are considered to have top-tier quality, and nursing homes with 1 star are considered to have quality much below average.  There is one overall 5-Star rating for each nursing home.

Learn more and compare nursing home ratings at: http://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/


To learn more about The Villa at Evergreen Park, and Villa Healthcare, contact:

Whitney Arado, MA

Senior Vice President

Business Development 


Direct: (847) 826.1111