Alcohol Addicts in Ravenna, OH Are Finding Help Through New Hotline

Alcoholism treatment hotline for Ravenna, OH is designed to assist addicts in their recovery by offering advice, guidance and support to those who need it.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/27/15 Finding reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation help in Ravenna, OH can be a challenge, but that’s now changing thanks to a new service. The alcoholism treatment hotline for Ravenna, OH is now up and running and can help anyone who is truly ready to end addiction to drugs and alcohol once and for all. By calling the hotline at (330) 577-2320, anyone can begin to take steps in the right direction towards sobriety.

The hotline offers advice guidance and support for individuals in Ravenna, OH who are interested in finally overcoming a serious addiction problem. People who have attempted to quit using drugs and alcohol before but could not should consider getting help from a professional treatment center right away. Specialized addiction counselors are standing by all the time to help people walk the path to recovery.

The Ravenna, OH alcoholism treatment hotline is a great place for an individual to get assistance for addiction Rather than try to quit on your own, try getting support from expert addiction counselors and rehab specialists. Drugs and alcohol are influential forces, but with the right help it is possible to overcome addiction and live a better life. Call today!

About the alcoholism treatment hotline for Ravenna, OH:

Call the alcoholism treatment hotline for Ravenna, OH today at (330) 577-2320 for more information about how a drug rehab center can help you regain control of your life. You can also send an email to to learn more!

Cisco is Pleased to Recognize and Congratulate Highstreet IT for Achieving Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Islandia, NY (1/28/2015)- 

Customer Satisfaction Excellence is the highest distinction a partner can achieve within the Cisco Channel Partner Program. Partners achieving this quarterly honor are identifiable by the “Gold Star” distinction in the Cisco website.

Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence assessment is based upon the customer satisfaction results captured in the Cisco Partner Access Online tool ( Each measurement period, Cisco will acknowledge Certified Partners that have the highest customer satisfaction distinction within each geographic region.

Customer Satisfaction Excellence is a core value we both share and a key driver of our current and future success.  Thank you for your commitment to the success of your customers.

For more information on Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence, please visit:

About Highstreet IT

We are an IT services company, providing consulting, technology integration, and change management services for Oracle, SAP, and cloud solutions. We offer full lifecycle consulting support services, including implementations, upgrades, optimization, application assessments, software selection, IT strategy, project management, application management, and change management services for PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, and SAP applications.  We also provide a range of managed services from hosting and infrastructure management through application operations and software support for cloud solutions.

 Email  MARKETING@HIGHSTRETIT.COM  for further information.

Napoleon, OH Hotline Can Provide Advice and Support for Alcohol and Drug Abusers

The alcoholism treatment hotline for Napoleon, OH is helping drug and alcohol abusers find a recovery program and facility which can help them achieve sobriety.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/27/15 — There’s a lot of wonderful things about Napoleon, OH. However, those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse may find that the sun doesn’t shine as brightly. Thankfully the alcoholism treatment hotline for Napoleon, OH is up and running and can assist anybody as they turn their life around once and for all. By calling the hotline anytime at (567) 341-4550, anyone in Napoleon, OH can begin to walk the path to a sober lifestyle.

Many people in Napoleon, OH don’t realize that substance abuse is a disease which needs to be treated just like any other ailment. Individuals who let drugs and alcohol control their lives are not setting themselves up for success in the future. Only a qualified recovery experts at a drug rehab center can help an individual say no to drugs and alcohol and start living a sober lifestyle. There are many treatments provided by rehabilitation centers and every individual is encouraged to find the one which offers them the best chance at regaining their sobriety.

About the alcoholism treatment hotline for Napoleon, OH:

Call the alcoholism treatment hotline for Napoleon, OH right now at (567) 341-4550 and get started with your recovery today! You can also send an email to for more information about how a drug rehab center can help someone turn things around once and for all.

Study Shows Great News For Seattle Seahawks Fans, Bud Light and Katy Perry

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/28/2015)- It’s a few days before Super Bowl XLIX and 53.8% of people think that the Seattle Seahawks will repeat as NFL Champions.

This is according to 1,000 people surveyed regarding their thoughts on the NFL’s showcase game. This study, balanced according to gender, region and age, also shows that only 21% of the same people feel the game will be blowout.

If it is indeed a close game, that should please the major advertisers that spend $4.5 million on only 30 seconds of advertising time. That hefty price tag should come as quite a surprise to many people, as only 31.9% of those surveyed are aware of the massive cost to be seen by millions of people all over the world. 21.8% nailed the price right on the dot, with 10.1% believing it to be $5.5 million.

The companies that advertise probably wish the costs were below $3.5 million, which well over half the respondents believe. The safe bet for most entertaining commercial looks like it will be Bud Light or Doritos, coming in at 34% and 23.4% respectively.

The unfortunately ill-conceived puppy mill GoDaddy commercial was not publicly known when this study was fielded, which no doubt would have made the 5.7% choosing that company for best commercial much, much lower.

Since it’s only one Sunday a year, only 13.7% of people pick veggies and dip as their favorite Super Bowl snack. Chips and salsa/guacamole, wings and pizza account for 86.3% of the most desired foods during the big game.

38.9% of people plan on eating those foods at home, while 22.2% are going to a party to celebrate the occasion. Surprisingly, 12.1% of the people questioned say they do not plan on watching the Super Bowl at all.

Based on this information, the two main performers are going to be huge hits. 63.3% are excited about Katy Perry’s halftime performance. Even more people, 78.1%, are going to definitely watch Idina Menzel’s rendition of the National Anthem.

If you ever are jealous of those people sitting in the stands, your checkbook probably isn’t. This Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl has the highest average ticket price in Super Bowl history. 30.3% felt that last year’s Broncos-Seahawks game was the previous high. In actuality, Super Bowl XLVI’s Patriots-Giants matchup had that honor and 26.9% of those surveyed picked that one correctly.

This study was conducted on Op4G’s internal panel, with all 1,000 completes coming from 50% males and 50% females.

About Op4G: 
Op4G provides client access to a unique database of highly qualified leaders and engaged members who participate in internet-based research for the opportunity to earn funds for themselves and/or to donate up to 100% of their earnings directly to one of our partnering charities. Since beginning client delivery in June 2010, our clients’ incentive funds have allowed our panel members to redirect over $389,000 to our growing number of non-profits. Panel member trust is the key to our quality data. Each element of Op4G is designed to fiercely protect our Members’ privacy. Every activity is opt-in, every survey participant is anonymous, and every member is in full control of their secure information.


Frank Nappo

93 Middle Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801


Local Interest: Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) Producer Scott Storick Qualifies for Prestigious “Top of the Table”

LIGHTNING RELEASES: PARK RIDGE, ILL. (1/28/2015) – Outstanding client service, ethics and professionalism have enabled Scott R. Storick, RFC of  DBS Financial group, a MassMutual general agency in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, to qualify for the exclusive “Top of the Table” of the MDRT — The Premier Association of Financial Professionals. ®    Storick is a 25-year Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) member with 17 Top of the Table honors.

Top of the Table status is the highest level of MDRT membership and places Storick among the top professionals in the global life insurance and financial services industry. It recognizes Storick for demonstrating exceptional professional knowledge, client service and ethical conduct.

In addition to recognizing career accomplishments, Top of the Table membership offers Storick the opportunity to further improve professional skills by sharing ideas and best practices with other leading professionals at the Top of the Table Annual Meeting and other educational forums.

““MDRT brings great minds in the global financial service profession together and provides access to career sharing resources and networking opportunities necessary to take one’s business to the next level, said MDRT President, Caroline A. Banks, APFS. ““At MDRT, I found people who were willing to help me learn and grow—the knowledge sharing is invaluable and can have a profound impact on members’ professional and personal lives.””

For more information, contact Scott Storick at 954-689-9482 or


Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, is a global, independent association of more than 42,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 450 companies in 74 countries. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business. CRN201701-189666 

Northeastern Cities Activate “Access System” to Help Keep Businesses Operating During Blizzard

Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS)
Intended to make businesses and communities more resilient during emergencies

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Fulton, NY (1/28/2915)– This week, Winter Storm Juno caused the Cities of Boston, Cambridge, Providence and New York City to institute travel bans restricting access within these cities.  With the thought that businesses would not be able to maintain critical functions during this event, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and Cambridge City Manager Richard Rossi activated their Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS).  By doing so, they permitted pre-authorized business first responders to travel, if necessary, during the event. 

 During emergencies like the one experienced this week, businesses rely on their employees with special skills that perform critical functions that keep businesses operating and community lifelines functioning”, said Jeffrey Shaw, President of BNET. “The commitment of these cities to partner with the private sector to mitigate economic damage and improve community resiliency should be commended and viewed as a best practice throughout the United States”. 

The Business Network of Emergency Resources (BNET) has introduced CEAS to businesses in eight major metropolitan areas throughout the Northeast since 2004.  The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) is an emergency access control system that allows critical business employees to enter and travel in restricted areas during serious emergencies.  CEAS accomplishes this through the issuance of a pre-event, secure identification card that is issued to critical employees of participating companies at minimal cost.

For more information about the CEAS program or to enroll your business, visit 

About Business Network of Emergency Resources, Inc (BNET)

BNET, headquartered in Fulton, NY is a not-for-profit company dedicated to establishing practical and effective emergency and crisis management solutions through partnerships between the public and private sector. Created by BNET, the Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) uses a ‘critical employee access card’ system to mitigate the economic loss incurred through unforeseen emergencies where access to the workplace is restricted.  The goal of CEAS is to accelerate recovery time for both business and the communities they serve.

Crystal Wash 2.0 – Launching Laundry into the 21st Century

Crystal Wash 2.0 – Launching Laundry into the 21st Century

Crystal Wash™ brings you 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfumes…. now starting a Kickstarter Campaign for version 2.0.

LIGHTING RELEASES (1/28/2015) – Crystal Wash is clinically demonstrated to be as effective as detergent and lasts up to 1000 washes. Their goal now is to make it “connected” with Version 2.0, which will make it even easier to use than it is already and give you a set of tools & features that will help you do your laundry better.  

The makers of Crystal Wash have stated in their new Kickstarter campaign that; ‘we really can make doing laundry easier for you, save you money and be better for the environment.’  

A brief Background on Crystal Wash™: It uses the power of Bio Ceramics from the earth. These special Bio Ceramics were developed using various minerals with antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

The key to Crystal Wash is that the Bio Ceramics raise the water in your laundry machine to a pH level of 8.5 or greater. This process shrinks the water molecule clusters to a size that allows dirt and soil to be soaked free naturally. Additionally Crystal Wash creates a natural Hydrogen Peroxide, which disinfects the clothes and kills bacteria and odors.

As the Bio Ceramics collect odors, dirt and waste from your laundry, they need to ‘recharged’ in order to make sure the pH levels are staying at 8.5 or greater. To recharge Crystal Wash you put them in the sun for an afternoon. You need to do this approximately every 30 days (or 30 laundry loads). The makers have Crystal Wash state that, ‘Although, the recharge process is simple, it is easily forgotten and if not done the effectiveness of Crystal Wash is decreased. It would be nice, if we could give people a way to be reminded when it was time to recharge them.’

This is what brought them to create Crystal Wash Version 2.0….which you can


By embedding a state-of-the-art pH water sensing chip and a microcontroller with Bluetooth capability inside the current Crystal Wash, they can give users accurate recharge alerts so that they don’t have to remember when it is time to put them in the sun.   And while they are at it – why not give users several other tools and features right on their smartphone that will help make doing laundry easier & more effective….

With Crystal Wash 2.0 they will be able to give the user recharge alerts, wash cycle tracking stats, wash complete alerts and many additional metrics and tools to help each Crystal Wash user become a term they’ve coined as a ‘LaundryNista.’

Their development process has gone through a few prototyping phases. Their biggest issues were figuring out how to engineer a miniaturized version that would allow them to fit all the necessary components inside the current Crystal Wash form factor. And how to create a module to best withstand the harsh environmental factors present inside a laundry machine….like water, shock, and temperature exposure.

Currently in the testing phase, their miniaturized prototype v2 is sending back pH data to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Having developed a waterproof and impact resistance enclosure, they are now working on temperature resistance.

Their initial testing is showing some really great data metrics, never before available to the home consumer.  “It’s a fun project and we’re all very excited about, but In order to bring the concept design to reality, we need to hire additional engineering help, solidify the design layout and source final manufacturing vendors.” The CrystalWash team has launched their idea on in an attempt to gauge market demand and to raise $100,000 in the next 45 days to help bring this great device to market.

Their current Kickstarter campaign is live right now and you can check it out here:

If you’d like more information about the CrystalWash 2.0 project, or if you’d like to schedule an interview please email or send them a tweet @CrystalWash2_0.

Alcohol Abusers in Lima, OH Find Sobriety Courtesy of New Hotline

The alcoholism treatment hotline for Lima, OH is helping drug and alcohol abusers find a recovery program and facility which can help them achieve sobriety.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/27/15 —  Living in Lima, OH is great for a lot of people. However, those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse may find that the sun doesn’t shine as brightly. Thankfully the alcoholism treatment hotline for Lima, OH is up and running and can help anyone as they make an effort to recover from addiction. By calling the hotline anytime at (727) 240-2310, anyone in Lima, OH can begin to take steps in the right direction towards sobriety.

Many people in Lima, OH don’t understand that addiction is a disease which needs to be treated just like any other ailment. Individuals who let drugs and alcohol control their lives are not setting themselves up for success in the future. Only a certified addiction counselors at a treatment facility with can help someone finally beat addiction and start living a life free from drugs and alcohol. There are many treatments provided by recovery programs every person in Lima, OH is encouraged to find the one which offers them the best chance at regaining their sobriety.

About the alcoholism treatment hotline for Lima, OH:

Those with addiction issues in Lima, OH who are finally ready to reach sobriety need to take advantage of the alcoholism treatment hotline by calling (727) 240-2310 as soon as possible. You can also send an email to for more information.

Cincinnati, OH Alcohol Abusers Locating Guidance with New Hotline

The alcoholism treatment hotline for Cincinnati, OH can assist someone in locating the drug and alcohol recovery program which offers them a shot at sobriety.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 01/27/15 —  Drug and alcohol abuse has been a major problem in Cincinnati, OH for a many years. The alarming rate of pain medication addiction and abuse is particularly disturbing. To help address this issue, a new hotline has been implemented to assist people who are seeking to overcome their substance abuse issues. By calling (513) 259-2116, addicts and their families can quickly access information on where to get proper care.

Certified substance abuse professionals are available at all hours to provide information on the latest treatment options available at rehab centers. The hotline is designed to provide individuals with information on rehab along with guidance and support. Family and friends can use the hotline to learn about which rehab centers can offer their loved ones a great opportunity to achieve sobriety. Additional information can be found on the hotline’s alcohol rehabilitation website.

Treatment centers can provide addicts with several treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy along with mandatory education programs. The hotline’s   goal is to provide much-needed access for those who need help the most. Individuals who are ready to make the commitment to rehab and take the first step to sobriety are encouraged to call the hotline today.

About the hotline:

Each day more people in Cincinnati, OH fall victim to addiction. The new hotline was established to provide a much-needed forum for local people to find treatment for their drug and alcohol substance abuse. Friends and family are encourage to call (513) 259-2116 or visit the hotline’s website at for more information.

eknow, Inc. M&A Software Leads Paradigm Shift in Corporate Development

LIGHTNING RELEASES January 28, 2015 ARLINGTON, Va.– eknow, Inc., the innovative developer of industry-leading M&A solutions launches the eknow Vision Solution, a suite of tools that enable faster, more effective Corporate Development management and execution.

Corporate Development departments are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Moving from the reactive and opportunistic approaches of the past, competition for the best deals now requires repeatable processes, fact-based decision-making, and speed of execution. Corporate Development is becoming more of a science and less of an art every day.

Corporate Development is responsible for acquiring, divesting, splitting, and executing strategic initiatives at unprecedented levels. There is no room for error. “To address these challenges, we have developed new functionality specifically for corporate development. eknow Vision will now bring all deal communications and critical data from any source to your finger tips,” said Alan Croll, CEO at eknow, Inc. “Easily collect emails, calls, notes, documents, and even third party data. Access your targets’ VDR, SharePoint, or document management system. Communicate, Collaborate, and Coordinate all your deal activity in one secure environment. eknow Vision is enabling the paradigm shift in Corporate Development,” adds Mr. Croll.

“Corporate Development executives are talking with many targets at the same time. Providing support for the mobile devices and validation of target data is a big part of what eknow Vision is all about. Another key feature is the ability to provide significant value to diligence participants during diligence,” said Stephen R. Lance, VP Global Sales at eknow, Inc. “We know that Corporate Development teams are lean and often under-staffed yet still responsible for the corporation’s most important activities. eknow Vision makes it easy to run their business and not worry about the documentation,” adds Mr. Lance.

Details are available at   eknow encourages new clients to take our solutions out for a “Test Drive” at

About eknow Vision©

eknow Vision’s unique design and automation make it the easiest-to-use, lowest-risk, and most cost-effective platform for Corporate Development execution.   eknow clients can begin using the system immediately, with no IT resources, and little or no training for most users. Even the smallest program teams can now easily manage and track far more teams, plans, contributors, data, documents, and results – across multiple simultaneous acquisitions – with vastly less effort.

About eknow, Inc.

eknow, Inc is the Arlington, Virginia-based leader in mergers & acquisitions automation software solutions. eknow solutions have been helping companies simplify and accelerate the execution of the full M&A life cycle and increase returns from M&A, restructuring, and major corporate initiatives since 1999.

For more information, please contact Larry Dell at