Boni Oian Hits #1 On Amazon Best-Seller List With “Answering The Call”

LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/1/2014) – Transformational and self-empowerment coach Boni Oian recently hit six best-seller lists with the new book, “Answering the Call” including #1 in two categories. 

Author Boni Oian, a Life Navigator, recently joined Lisa  Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion, along with other experts from around the world to co-write the book titled, Answering The Call: Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal How They Said Yes to Success and You Can too! The book was released on July 24, 2014 by Celebrity Press.

Helping people uncover their potential has always been Boni Oian’s dream. This includes assisting people in knowing they deserve and are worthy of having everything in life they want. Being happy before and after they receive that dream life sometimes is the challenge. She is the Author and instructor of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power. She also trains teachers to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide.

Boni has been published and/or featured in many publications including Enjoy Whole Health, Sassy, Focus on Women, as well as business magazines and has her own radio program. She can be heard on her online radio show, Amazing Women of Power, every Monday at 12 pm central through Raven International broadcast network.

The royalties from this project will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization.

More about Boni Oian:

She is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association and she’s certified as a Catalyst Coach by the Ace Success Center. Her certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.

Her belief is the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is the courage to change. She believes true freedom widens your path. Your path is where you can walk, the people you can meet and the experiences you can have with comfort.

You can connect with Boni Oian at:


LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/1/2014) – A team of leading experts in radiation oncology from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) have published an opinion-piece today in the medical publication The Cancer Letter, stating that several types of cancer patients requiring radiation therapy would benefit from specialized proton beam therapy as a treatment method over the more commonly used radiation methods. The team of professors from UM SOM and the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC), comprised of Minesh P. Mehta, MBChB., FASTRO, Katja M Langen, PhD, and William F. Regine, MD, are looking to debunk the notion that proton therapy is predominantly needed and used for the treatment of prostate cancer. The experts argue in their manuscript that proton treatment is wholly underutilized and holds a less harmful potential impact than traditional radiation approaches since it typically exposes normal tissues to lower overall levels of radiation.

The recently published article comes as a precursor to the anticipated 2015 opening of the Maryland Proton Treatment Center. This summer, a 90-ton cyclotron was lifted by crane into the Proton Center building. A special unveiling event for the Center is scheduled for later this calendar year.

“Thanks to our unique partnership with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, we are able to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge therapies, ensuring patients suffering from cancers of all kinds have the most progressive and least invasive treatments,” said UM SOM Dean E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Vice President of Medical Affairs at the University of Maryland.

The impetus for the recently published editorial was initially to respond to a statistic that was noted in a previous article in The Cancer Letter, and which stated that 85 percent of patients treated with proton therapies had a diagnosis of prostate cancer. This statistic may have once held true, but now accounts for less than 50 percent of the treatment’s uses, according to the UM SOM authors. The UM SOM team of experts took the opportunity to address several misperceptions about proton therapies in the new opinion-piece.

The team recapped several key aversions to proton therapy and noted that these perspectives have and will continue to change in the next decade. Specifically, the perspectives on availability, cost, and supporting data of proton therapy are changing as the technology becomes more affordable and shrinks in relative size of foot-print. Practioners will also need to be educated on the applicability of this cutting-edge treatment to change misconceptions and provide current data, according to the authors.

“The next generation of proton beam therapy will increasingly be viewed as the preferred new radiation treatment for many types of cancers not previously treated with proton therapy and will give even more hope to many individuals living with cancer,” said Dr. Regine. “It takes specialized teams like ours to present the facts about proton beam therapy to help educate practioners to better understand what a unique resource we will now have at our fingertips.

Adds Dr. Mehta:  “This really is quite possibly the most dynamic treatment approach holding radiation oncologists to the concept of ‘primum non nocere,’ or ‘first, do no harm.’”

About the University of Maryland School of Medicine

Chartered in 1807, the University of Maryland School of Medicine is the first public medical school in the United States and continues today as an innovative leader in accelerating innovation and discovery in medicine.  The School of Medicine is the founding school of the University of Maryland and is an integral part of the 11-campus University System of Maryland.  Located on the University of Maryland’s Baltimore campus, the School of Medicine works closely with the University of Maryland Medical Center to provide a research-intensive, academic and clinically based education.  With 43 academic departments, centers and institutes and a faculty of more than 3,000 physicians and research scientists plus more than $400 million in extramural funding, the School is regarded as one of the leading biomedical research institutions in the U.S. with top-tier faculty and programs in cancer, brain science, surgery and transplantation, trauma and emergency medicine, vaccine development and human genomics, among other centers of excellence.  The School is not only concerned with the health of the citizens of Maryland and the nation, but also has a global vision, with research and treatment facilities in more than 30 countries around the world.

In Bloom

IN BLOOM: Life’s surprises- Good and Bad- humorously Explored in New Fiction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/1/2014) – When personal tragedies send two young people into emotional dormancy, only love and care- and a mother’s intervention- can bring them back IN BLOOM.

Kindra Dean has no life to speak of. Work in the library of tiny Orangedale, Massachusetts is repetitious and thankless, but it’s all she’s got. Unless, of course, a dingy apartment counts. Anti-social and depressed, Kindra is enslaved over the death of her younger sister many years ago.

Enter Tiana, the bawdy, boisterous, masculine lesbian who moves into the apartment downstairs. Known as “T” to her friends, she’s just the breath of fresh air Kindra needs to drag her out of her self-imposed melancholy.

Then comes along Tommy Shannon, an angry-at-the world, wheelchair-bound fellow who wants nothing more than to be left alone to wallow in his miserable world of self-pity and pornography. Tommy’s Irish mother will have none of that, and arranges a meeting between Tommy and Kindra. The rendezvous is both disastrous and hilarious- but one that changes their lives forever. Though the two broken people have experienced their own personal winters, Spring has now come and they are, at long last IN BLOOM.

For more information visit my web page, IN BLOOM is also available through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

B C Health Minister Terry Lake advises donors to seek Guru Nanak records from Surrey Memorial Foundation

Surrey BC Jazmin Sanghera.  British Columbia Health Minister Terry Lake, responded to a complaint filed in regards to Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation and South Asian Broadcasting Corporation, for investigation into the donations collected by CKYE RED FM 93.1 at their office and the role of ceo. Ms. Jane Adams in the appointment of Kulwinder Sanghera as Vice Chair of the SMHF. Indo-Canadians were majority donors for the entrance gate named after “Guru Nanak”, which according to CKYE RED FM 93.1 records amount to appox. $ 3 Million donations.
BC Health Minister Terry Lake in his letter to Mayoral candidate Vikram Bajwa, has advised the Indo-Canadians to ask ceo. Ms. Jane Adams, on the clarifications in question and all records of donations for the “Guru Nanak”, entrance gate. ” It is their obligation to provide such records to their donors”, suggested Lakes Office.
Jaswinder Parmar, who had individually donated more than $ 50,000 to SMF. would also like to know the criteria used to appoint Kulwinder Sanghera as Vice Chair. Ceo Surrey memorial Foundation Ms. Jane Adams was unavailable for comments.
According to records filed with CRA, Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation collected over $ 65 Million, since its inception on May 13.1992 and the residents have opened their heart to them, “we want transparency as they are Charitable registered Society, under CRA Rules”, said donor Bajwa. A formal request ahs been delivered to SMF Office, but Jane Adams is on vacation until August 19th, said Sarabjit Gill. CGA Gurminder Singh confirmed that “any Canadian Charitable Society, has to keep donors records and is subject to Investigations, by CRA”.

Surrey First Linda calls Former Mayor McCallum Hypocrite, Bajwa worries about Crime.

Surrey BC. Debbie Bennington. In a statement released Thursday, Former Mayor Doug McCallum slammed Surrey First opposition Linda Hepner and Councilor Barinder Rasode for open meetings and transparency, void in both terms, under McCallum and Watts. He charged both the ladies Hepner and Rasode to justify the “closed door”, meetings for the last six years, their response was to protect the Security of Mayor, Council members and RCMP. Mayoral Vikram Bajwa, asks them to come out of their “Watts Box”, think for a valid proper answer. “Nothing was, is transparent in Watts Term, claims an insider at City Hall, all meetings are conducted by the kitchen cabinet, including and not limited to new $ 98 Million City Hall, their contracts, crime, public safety, transportation, hiring at city hall, etc.
RCMP “E” Division and City of Surrey, recently released their quarterly crime statics, which is the main question, ahead of us, worries Mayoral Vikram Bajwa. Former Mayor Doug McCallum, by bring last 2011 election issues of Ward System, Public Safety, cannot score points with the smart voters of the City. All newspapers, including Province, Vancouver Sun, Indo-Canadian , Surrey Leader, Punjabi Guardian, Now have published the concerned stories for 2011.
Surrey First Linda Hepner, following Mayor Dianne Watts, agenda will be defeated in November 2014, predict Journalists of local Newspapers, while Former Mayor Doug McCallum will have to justify the “scandalous”, term of 1996-2005. They should be thinking about reducing crime, instead of taking jibes at each other, knowing fully well, “Surrey voters want a complete Change”, in November 2014, said Sara Henderson a UBC Student.

Self-development Book ~ Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!

Self-development Book ~Accelerate to Glory: A to Z Principles to Success in Life and Business by Emelia Adjei is available now!!

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) – This powerful and insightful book offers a lifetime worth of information. These fifty-two principles with practical tools will re-ignite your passion to pursue your purpose in life. Using principles starting with letter A through Z (two principles per letter), the author makes it easy to remember these principles & apply them daily.

If you feel hopeless, if you’ve lost your passion to live and your life seems stagnant, this book will help you jump-start your life. If you’re just doing “okay” and want to excel, this book will help you reach the next level in your life, your business and in reaching your dreams.

Emelia Adjei is a mom-preneur, self-development coach, author, emerging motivational speaker and philanthropist. She’s a Christian; very kingdom minded and passionate about spreading the goodness and greatness of God.

Emelia migrated to the United States from Ghana, West Africa with hopes and dreams for a better life than the emotional abuse she endured at home. She overcame many challenges, including near-homelessness, but trusted in God to bring her through. She worked as a nanny and cleaned homes to save money for her education, attended a two year college and earned an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems. She later earned a Bachelor’s Degree and then a Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Global Management. She worked for major corporations and Fortune 500 companies, gaining extensive and innovative business skills. Once she decided to walk in her purpose, she left the corporate world to pursue her calling as a self development coach and mentor. 

Despite many setbacks in her life (including a debilitating health condition that left her depressed for years), her faith in God helped her to regain the strength to push forward and stay optimistic. Emelia draws from her personal and professional experiences; she offers practical principles and strategies to help people break through the barriers in their lives and make their dreams come true.

 Emelia is thankful and humbled by the opportunities and blessings God has given her. Her goal is to inspire, inform, transform and make a difference in the lives of others. 

Accelerate To Glory: A To Z Principles To Success in Life is available now on Amazon: $14.95 print | $3.99 e-book      

Contact: Emelia Adjei

Tel: 1-888-980-1361

Web site:


Facebook: Emelia Adjei-KPF

Twitter: Emelia_Adjei

Scientific Breakthroughs in Inter-species Research Promise a Revolution in Dentistry and Medicine

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/31/2014) – Filmmaker Kit Farrell has begun production on Who Am I?, a feature documentary to explore transgenic experimentation currently underway in labs around the world. Fascinated by the potential for cures as well as the possibility of uncontrollable consequences, Ms. Farrell is seeking to interview scientists, doctors and patients involved with transgenic stem cell research and treatment in humans, no matter how advanced or preliminary.

Ethical, moral, and financial concerns along with a general fear of man-made change are frequently at odds with scientific innovation and the evolution of medical research. Says Farrell, “We are at the threshold of major breakthroughs in inter-species genetic engineering. We have the ability to save lives, cure diseases or alternatively, create personal and environmental disasters as a result of experimentation gone wrong. What are the ethical boundaries? Mistakes happen in nature and in science – is there a difference?”

Shark stem cell recipient Joe Howard in the documentary film “Pandora’s Hope.”

Ms. Farrell’s most recent film, a documentary entitled Pandora’s Hope: We’ll See What the Future Brings provided the inspiration for her latest venture. Pandora’s Hope explores, among other things, genetic modification in agricultural and biological organisms (GMOs) and growing trends in open source science. The film focuses on current scientific activity, in particular the transplantation of shark stem cells in a human jaw for tooth regeneration. Pandora’s Hope is currently screening in film festivals.

In her research for Who Am I? Ms. Farrell is uncovering scientists working on ground-breaking proprietary research, many in obscurity for fear of retaliation. Not only is their work frowned upon by the societies in which they live, but often their financing is fragile. The United States policy under President George W. Bush created a pervasive attitude that all stem cell research is against God’s will. The banning of research with embryonic stem cells effectively set back America’s efforts to lead the world in medical advances. Consequently inter-species stem cell research in the U.S. has been stigmatized and many of the scientific efforts conducted are clandestine in nature. Research in other countries is poised to overtake America’s lead, as legalities differ from country to country. No matter where the work is taking place, Ms. Farrell promises to maintain interviewees’ anonymity if so requested.
Ms. Farrell’s recent interview with RMN Stars, “Filming is Underway for Kit Farrell’s Scientific Thriller” outlines more of her motivation and challenges in making this film. To follow her progress on the film, visit the kitfarrellfilms Tumblr blog.

Interested parties are requested to send a brief summary of their projects and experiences, no matter how preliminary, to Kit Farrell at thekitfarrell @

Ms. Farrell is available to discuss her research and objectives further. 

For more information, contact:

Kit Farrell
Producer, Director

Need for Real-Time Complex Event Processing Is the Norm for Big Data Developers, New Evans Data Survey Shows

LIGHTNING RELEASES –SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 29, 2014 – In a recent global survey of software developers working on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, 71% said they have a need in their applications for real-time complex event processing more than half the time. Batch processing, as used by Hadoop, was fine all the time for only 16% of the developers, while twenty-seven percent said they use real-time complex event processing all of the time. The survey of over 400 developers working with Big Data and Advanced Analytics was released in July of 2014 and delved into the practices, plans and attitudes of those developers.

Another highlight was the accelerating need for storage. Over a third of the developers thought the overall size of their companies’ data stores would grow by more than 75% during the coming year, and nearly 15% thought it would more than double.

“Hadoop’s batch processing model has worked well for several years,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp. “But the demands and challenges of Big Data is our current world means real-time event processing is becoming more necessary, which is why Apache Storm and other commercial CEP products are being welcomed into the Big Data landscape.”

The new Big Data and Advanced Analytics survey includes topics such as Barriers and Drivers of Big Data, Platforms and Tools, Advanced Analytics Tools and Services, Real-time Event Processing, Data Visualization and Data Modeling, Database technologies, Big Data and the Cloud, Big Data and Internet of Things, and more See the compete table of contents and sample pages here:

About Evans Data Corporation

Evans Data Corporation provides regularly updated IT industry market intelligence based on in-depth surveys of the global developer population. Evans’ syndicated research includes surveys focused on developers in a wide variety of subjects.

Copyright 2014 Evans Data Corporation. All other company names, products and services mentioned in this document are the trademarks and property of their respective owners.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Abusers in Wadsworth, OH Can Call New Helpline for Support

A substance abuse rehab helpline in Wadsworth can offer dependable assistance for any teen who needs help with a drug or alcohol problem.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/29/14 - There are thousands of teenagers in Wadsworth, OH but unfortunately some of them struggle with a significant drug and alcohol abuse problem. Despite the good intentions of all the parents in Wadsworth, adolescents can start experimenting with substance abuse and that can open the door for a real issue to develop down the road. Contacting the troubled teen helpline is a great way for a teen to locate a real youth recovery facility which offers a legitimate shot at recovery. The troubled teen helpline can be reached at (330) 331-0241 at all hours of the day or night so a teenager or their parents are urged to call and speak with someone who can offer assistance and guidance.

Teens who start using drugs and alcohol have a tendency to neglect the important things in life like their friends, their family or their schoolwork. In order to stop the cycle of use and abuse, it can be very beneficial for a young person to find a youth recovery facility with dedicated staff and experience helping adolescents from all walks of life as they travel the path to sobriety. Call the troubled teen helpline today and find out more information about recovery and even find the youth recovery facility which offers the best chance at sobriety.

About the troubled teen helpline for Wadsworth, OH:

Teenagers in Wadsworth, OH who find that they have developed a significant addiction to drugs or alcohol should contact the troubled teen helpline at (330) 331-0241 as soon as they get a chance. Quitting now is easier than quitting later so take the first steps towards sobriety today. Visit the website at for more information.

Troubled teens Victory, OH Offers Substance Abuse Recovery Information for Troubled Teens

A new helpline in Victory, OH is offering hope for teenagers in search of teen recovery.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/29/14 – Teenager addiction has long been a serious problem in Victory, OH. Countless adolescents struggle with a drug or alcohol abuse every single day. There used to be very little information was available for juveniles seeking to beat their substance abuse problems once and for all. Troubled teens Victory, OH has been brought in existence to end to provide a valuable resource for young people who desperately need to find professional help at an teenager recovery center.

Parents and their troubled teens are encouraged to call the helpline at (440) 499-6286 to find professional teen drug and alcohol rehab. The helpline gives young people the opportunity to speak directly to certified substance abuse professionals. These highly-trained counselors can provide information on teen recovery, guidance and support. Supportive people are sanding by at all times and additional information can be found on the helpful website at

Receiving immediate help for an addiction is crucial when it comes to assisting a juvenile in their struggle with drugs and alcohol. Teen treatment centers provide a variety of treatment options including individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis, drug and alcohol detox, teen depression treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mandatory education programs. Addiction can ruin the lives of anyone regardless of age, race, gender or social standing. Troubled teens Victory, OH gives teenagers a fighting chance to overcome their substance abuses and take the first steps to achieve and maintain sobriety.

About troubled teens Victory, OH:

Ending the nasty cycle of addiction is the goal for many people in in Victory, OH. Troubled teens Victory, OH has been established to make a difference by providing adolescents and their parents with the information they need to find help from an teenager treatment facility. The helpline is available 24/7 by contacting (440) 499-6286 or visiting